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Enjoy a slightly different weekend with your partner. In these European capitals with a three-day trip (2 nights) for 2 people can go up to 20 000 CZK. Including flight tickets, accommodation, meals, sightseeing and some coffee with dessert in the restaurant’s historic center. The amounts are indicative and based on average fares and accommodation, restaurants and major sights in the city. It depends only on your taste, which one you prefer.
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Aircraft luggage - weight and dimensions
Ideal luggage according to individual airlines As is well known, luggage also has ears. Airlines can pull them out properly if they do not meet the given parameters. What are they like? Each airline has its own luggage meter. With all that searching and verifying it, many travelers have an equal desire to wrap it up. That would be a shame, of course. That is why we have prepared a clear table for you, in which you can easily find out what to pack in, depending on who you are flying to and where.
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In London, everyone has been ...

From: #flymeto   |   Feb 07, 2018

London is a diverse city full of the world’s best monuments, attractions and many opportunities for activities that other European cities do not offer. It would be very difficult to mention all of them, so we will give a few to see why it is worth visiting London at least once in your life and enjoying a nice day here. Cheap flights to London are offered by WEB SHOP FLY all year round and it is up to you to enjoy genuine English tea in the morning.


Sightseeing, giant ferris wheel, skyscrapers, galleries, museums and many other attractions are part of everyday London. Decide what you prefer and how you spend time in London.

Flymeto - Temžské nábřeží Richmond s čluny v Londýně.

Flymeto - Londýn: Pohled na ikonu města, vyhlídkové Londýnské Oko na břehu řeky během svítání 9. dubna 2017 v Central City.

Flymeto - Sbírka divadelních plakátů na londýnské zdi

Flymeto - Pohled shora na Londýn.



The London theater scene is one of the best in the world and therefore attracts the best and most talented actors from all over the country. If you are thinking of visiting local theaters, book your tickets well in advance.


A wide range of accommodation is typical of London, so you can indulge in luxury in the world’s most famous hotels or meet new people in hostels. Of course, Londoners share their apartments over the internet, and camping can be an interesting way to stay.

Flymeto - Fasáda tradičního anglického měšťanského domu.

Flymeto - Exteriér viktoriánské architektury luxusního hotelu Claridge

Flymeto - Tradiční anglická snídaně na podnosu.

Flymeto - Zmrzlinářská dodávka



A lot of people despise the British style of eating, but London is full of all kinds of restaurants with international cuisine. By visiting these facilities, you can embark on a small journey around the world. Michelin’s businesses, stalls, gastro pubs, bars and tea rooms are so large in London that everyone chooses what they want.


London is a sensational place to spend money, with many shopping districts with the world’s most exclusive brands, original grocery stores and markets with a touch of old England. Remember that London is home to most fashion brands that affect fashion all over the world.

Flymeto - Camden Lock Bridge, slavné obchody

Flymeto - Pohled do londýnské ulice Carnaby

Flymeto - Obyvatelé dojíždějící do práce

Flymeto - Londýnský park a jezero při západu Slunce.



The landscaped English parks are famous all over the world and London is home to eight beautiful royal parks that refresh the city with green. In total, there are more than 3,000 parks or other open spaces with greenery in London, making London one of the greenest capitals in the world. Enjoy the right picnic atmosphere in one of them.


The Thames River provides a captivating backdrop to many of the city’s tourist attractions, and secondly it serves as a transport where you can enjoy beautiful excursions with spectacular views, giving you a completely different view of sights such as Tower Bridge, London Eye and Shakespeare’s Globe.

If these few points are not enough for you, believe that London offers much more and there is no man who can’t find his own. Small offer of more specific options below.

Střep – The Shard

The design of architect Renzo Piano has become a dynamic symbol of London. Enjoy stunning views of London on top of Western Europe’s tallest building at a height of up to 244 m. Twice the higher point than other sightseeing points in the city, you can explore the city at once. In case of good visibility it is visible up to 40 miles away.

Tower Bridge

Designed by Sir Horace Jones, the London symbol and landmark of the 19th Century rises about 850 times a year. Inside the Tower Bridge is an exhibition where you can find out all about how the most famous bridge in the world works, including Victorian engines. At the same time, you will learn all about the history of this beautiful historical building.

Flymeto - Noční vyhlídka na City Hall a Střep z mostu Tower.

Flymeto - Pohled shora na Temži a City na jaře.

Flymeto - Tower Bridge

Flymeto - Tower Bridge a mrakodrapy.


Buckingham Palace

The official Royal London residence, where you can visit 19 rooms in the summer, decorated with some of the most important royal collections, including paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Van Dyck. In front of the palace you can see a beautiful landscaped park or watch the ceremonial change of the guard.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Lovers of English Baroque architecture should not miss the visit of St. Paul’s Cathedral by Sir Christopher Wren. The cathedral is home to a number of murals, mosaics and sculptures, but you can also see the crypts, graves and memorials of some of the nation’s heroes. You can use the multimedia guide with a touch screen or take a guided tour.

Flymeto - Buckinghamský palác za soumraku.

Flymeto - Buckinghamský palác a návštěvníci v letním období.

Flymeto - Letecký snímek katedrály svatého Pavla

Flymeto - Slunný den před katedrálou sv. Pavla.


Globe Theater

Taste theater history and visit Shakespeare’s Globe World Theater, which is a faithful reconstruction of a historical outdoor theater, designed in 1599, where many Shakespeare plays took place. Reserved tickets are always cheaper than on-site purchases, so if you are planning to visit the theater, do not forget to book early.

Flymeto - Globe Theater

Flymeto - Noční pohled přes Shakespearův Globe


Tourists visit the Globe Theater, which is a reconstruction of the historic Shakespeare Theater on the south bank of London.

Madame Tussauds in London

At Madame Tussauds, you will come across face-to-face with over 300 stunning wax figures portraying the world’s most famous faces. Go through the red carpet with Johnny Depp or visit the sports area, where you can see David Beckham next to Usain Bolt. Take a look behind the scenes to see how sculptors work.

London Eye

One of London’s most visited attractions is the London Eye, which at 135 meters is considered the tallest ferris wheel in the world. The sequential rotation in one of the 32 state-of-the-art glass cabins takes approximately 30 minutes and allows a constantly changing view of London. Each cabin has an interactive guide to explore the iconic points of the capital.

Tour of Warner Bros. Studio

If you’re one of the Harry Potter fans, your first trip must be to Warner Bros., a wonderful opportunity to explore the magic of a young wizard. A unique tour takes you behind the scenes and shows off a huge number of beautiful costumes and props. At the same time, it will reveal some strictly guarded secrets, including facts about special effects and animations.

Flymeto - Vstup do muzea Madame Tussaud

Flymeto - Londýnské Oko, gigantické ruské kolo

Flymeto - Leavesden

Flymeto - Nástěnné reliéfy v Hogwarts Great Hall


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