The weather on the island is mostly variable. This is the best way to describe it. There are several clichés can happen in Iceland. Such as if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it will change. Or another cliché, which is that there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.

You may also be surprised by billboards with advertisements for summer clothes, where models pose instead of in swimsuits in down jackets. Definitely pack one more layer of clothing with you on the island than you are used to.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, there are no extreme conditions on the island, but due to the wind, the feeling temperature is often much lower than indicated by the thermometer.

The most ideal time to visit is, at least in terms of the weather in the summer months, or from May to September. However, it is necessary to count on higher, tourist prices, which raise the prices of accommodation and car rentals by several tens of percent compared to the winter. The sun almost does not set in summer and temperatures range up to 20 degrees.

However, due to the aurora borealis, which attracts a large number of people, it is necessary to pack an extra sweater and go to the island in winter.

Weather in Reykjavik

The worst conditions for traveling to Reykjavík are in January and February, when it is really cold and dry. . We recommend visiting the capital in the summer months.


When to fly to Iceland

The most favorable in terms of weather are the summer months. About from May to September. However, even then it is necessary to take into account lower temperatures and especially cold and strong winds. But you may not be pleasantly surprised by the prices. Hotels, car rentals and local retailers have adapted to the tourism industry, so expect everything a few percent more expensive in these months.

If you do not mind the cold, the possibility of snow and a really icy wind, visit Iceland in the winter months. The chances of seeing aurora borealis are several times higher, even in Reykjavík. Save some duck and enjoy the island undisturbed by crowds of tourists.

Cheapest flights in the context of the weather

The graph describes the minimum prices of flights to Reykjavík and their development by weeks. Further data on the graph show the average day and night temperatures and total precipitation, if data are available. By clicking on the individual columns in graph, you will get a more detailed current data from the search engine.

Price of the cheapest return flight from London to Reykjavik, EUR

So you see which date is the best for the departure to Reykjavik given the development weather in the destination and given the current ticket price.

What to know next about Iceland

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