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Iceland - when nature paints the sky

From: #flymeto   |   Jul 22, 2019

Where to experience the best light show in the world? Clear in Iceland. When nature begins to paint beautiful images after dark on the sky, there are few artists who can top it. Go to the open gallery where admission is free and the first place in the line is always guaranteed. Fly to Iceland for a few days, but even a month.

When to fly

It may sound crazy, but we recommend winter. Iceland’s winter is not so dramatic. It is cooler there, and you can enjoy enough snow here, but thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream it is warmer than you would expect. Snow usually lasts about a week and then melts again. And if the winter hides under your coat, Iceland offers many ways to warm up comfortably with hot springs and geysers that sometimes splash up to a few meters.

The reason why to fly to Iceland in winter is also the prices, when tickets, accommodation and car rental are considerably lower, often even half. From late August to mid-April, Aurora borealis is also the best time to observe the aurora. You need darkness to observe the aurora, and it is Iceland’s longest in this period.

Local people

Time does not matter in the lives of local people. This is reflected in their friendly nature and willingness to help. Also get infected by this mood, which will recharge your batteries for a long time. It then suffices for the next months of everyday life.

Breathtaking nature

Iceland has to feel. Already the first breath of clean air after landing aircraft will amaze you. A subsequent look at the glorious landscape that is home to hot mineral springs, volcanoes, geysers, mountains, lakes, glaciers, beautiful beaches and countless waterfalls, in contrast to the absolute silence of uninhabited deserts, it’s just love at first sight.

Hot springs are used not only to heat the homes of local residents, but also to tourist centers. And also to heat the frozen tourists. The most famous center is the luxurious Blue Lagoon, which is the most visited by tourists.

Iceland’s pride is undoubtedly waterfalls, of which there are innumerable numbers. They are small and quiet, but also huge and majestic. Its beauty will dazzle each of them. The best known is the Rescued Waterfall, located near the capital Reykjavik and together form the Geysir Geyser and Thingvellir National Park a golden triangle. The second place in the ranking of the largest waterfalls is the Háifoss waterfall, whose water falls from a height of 122 meters. The way to it is not easy and it is necessary to use an off-road car.

Do not forget to visit the large lake Jökulsárlón, which stretches between the sea and the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. An unusual look when on its surface glittering glacial ice floes is truly wonderful.

Cultural activities

The island is teeming with a number of professional artists. Make it design, music or fine art, everyone will find their own. And it can happen to you that during your stay in Reykjavik you will visit more concerts than in the whole year. Many concerts by local artists is even free, so you just have to settle in and enjoy an artistic experience.

You will just love Iceland and they will surely wander your way back thoughts if you saw everything. And you’re happy to come back here again to be they have explored other parts of this exceptional country in all respects.

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