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Reykjavik (KEF)

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Iceland - when nature paints in the sky

Where to experience the most beautiful light show in the world during your vacation? Definitely in Iceland, which is the second-largest island in Europe. Every day after dark, nature begins to paint the sky. There are a few artists who can beat it. Head to the open gallery, where admission is free. First place in a row is always guaranteed. Fly to Iceland for a few days, but even for a month.

When to go to Iceland

Winter in Iceland is not so dramatic. It’s colder there. You can enjoy the snow enough, but thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream, it’s warmer here than you’d expect. The snow usually lasts about a week and then melts again. And if the winter hides under your coat, Iceland offers many ways to warm up pleasantly thanks to hot springs and geysers, which sometimes splash up to a height of several meters. The warmest month of the year is July, with daily temperatures of 9-14 degrees Celsius on average. August is only slightly colder (temperature 8 - 13 degrees). If you want to enjoy as much light as possible, choose June for travel, which is typical for your never-ending day (the light is here 24 hours a day).

Flymeto - Iceland - when nature paints in the sky

The best time to observe Aurora borealis is from late August to mid-April. Darkness is a must to watch the aurora borealis. That timeframe is the longest time in Iceland at this time.

Local people

Time plays no role in the lives of local people. They are friendly and willing to help. Let yourself infect by this mood, which will recharge your batteries for a long time, at least for months of everyday life.

Breathtaking nature in Iceland

One must smell Iceland. The first breath of clean air after landing the plane will amaze you.

Famous landscape offers hot mineral springs, volcanoes, geysers, mountains, lakes, glaciers, beautiful beaches, and countless waterfalls in contrast to the absolute silence of uninhabited wastelands. It is a love at first sight.

Hot springs are used not only to heat the houses of locals, but also tourist centers. And also to heat frozen tourists.

The most famous center is the luxurious Blue Lagoon, which is the most visited by tourists, but you can also try an alternative in the mysterious Kjolur, in the middle of lava fields.

The pride of Iceland is undoubtedly the waterfalls, of which there are countless. They are small and quiet, but also huge and majestic. Each of them dazzles with its beauty. The most famous is the Rescued Waterfall, which is located near the capital Reykjavík. Together with the Geysir Geyser and Thingvellir National Park form a golden triangle. The second place in the ranking of the largest waterfalls belongs to the Háifoss waterfall, whose water falls from a height of 122 meters. However, the path to it is not easy, and it is necessary to use an off-road car.

Be sure to visit the vast Lake Jökulsárlón, which stretches between the sea and the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. The unusual sight of glittering icebergs floating on its surface is truly beautiful.

Cultural activities in Iceland

The island is riddled with a number of professional artists. Whether it’s design, music or fine arts, everyone will find something for themselves here. And you can easily attend more concerts during your stay in Reykjavík than in the whole year. Many concerts by local artists are even free, so all you have to do is settle down and enjoy the artistic experience.

You will love Iceland. You will think if you have seen everything on the way back. And you’ll be happy to go back there to explore other parts of this exceptional country in every way.

Reykjavik - Go on vacation with us

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Flymeto - Iceland - when nature paints in the sky
Flymeto - Iceland - when nature paints in the sky
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Frequently asked questions about staying in Iceland

Where to buy tickets to Iceland?

You can find the best flights from London in our online search engine. We recommend this ticket.

How long does a flight to Iceland take?

Flight time from London to Iceland lasts 2 hours for direct flights. Travel time depends on transfers and averages between 4 and 13 hours.

Are there any travel restrictions in Iceland?

From 19.2.2021, it is now necessary to prove a negative PCR test when embarking on a trip to Iceland (boarding a plane). The test must not be older than 72 hours. From mid-January 2021 onwards, all passengers arriving in Iceland must undergo another PCR test upon entering the country, followed by a 5-6 day quarantine. Negative result of the second PCR test terminates quarantine. If the PCR test is positive upon arrival, the passenger has to remain in quarantine in the designated quarantine facility. The possibility to avoid border testing by completing a 14-day quarantine was abolished. Entrance PCR tests upon arrival in the country are free for all travelers.

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