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Reykjavik (KEF)

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Dec 05, 2015 3 min read
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ICELAND - A world full of fantasy

Just look at the beautiful and unusually wrinkled landscape at first as you assure you. Looking for a place to relax, where to escape after a hectic period? One of the best choices is just a few days, but still a month in Iceland.

Reasons why Iceland in winter:

  1. Much of the merit is due to the friendly nature of the locals and the feeling that time plays no role in their lives. This combination cleans you completely and returns home full of energy. It then suffices for the next months of everyday life.
  2. Half price. In general, Iceland is said to be expensive and it may seem so for people unfamiliar with local circumstances. But this is not the case in winter. Prices of air tickets, accommodation and car rental are considerably lower, often even half.
  3. Great opportunity to see the Northern Lights Aurora borealis. Drawing, green-purple sky. It’s something unimaginable, the photos are beautiful, but the reality is unforgettable. You need darkness to observe the aurora, and it is the longest in Iceland from late August to mid-April. If you are lucky, you can still see the aurora from Reykjavik, but by far the best spot to watch is Thingvellir National Park.
  4. Iceland must feel. Already the first breath of clean air after landing aircraft will amaze you.
  5. In Iceland you will experience many contrasts. Here you can see hot mineral springs, volcanoes, geysers, mountains, lakes, glaciers, beautiful beaches and experience the deafening rumble of countless waterfalls in contrast to the absolute silence of uninhabited wastes. Iceland is the least populated country in Europe.
  6. It may sound surprising, but there is unexpectedly great cultural life in Iceland. The island is teeming with a number of professional artists. Whether it’s design, music or fine art, everyone will find their own.
  7. In Reykjavik, you may visit more concerts during your stay than during the whole year. As a bonus, most performances and concerts by local artists are free.
Reykjavik - Go on vacation with us

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Flymeto - Erupce gejzíru Strokkur během slunného dne na Islandu
Flymeto - Velký Gejzír a modré termální jezero, Strokkur. Island.
Flymeto - Modrá Laguna, Island. Lidé v lázních v geotermální oblasti Modré Laguny, poblíž Reykjavíku.
Flymeto - Panorama Modré Laguny. Reykjavík.
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When to fly

You ask, why should you go to the coldest island in Europe in winter? Iceland’s winter is not so dramatic. It is cooler there, there is more snow, but thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream it is warmer than you would expect. Snow usually lasts about a week and then melts again. In addition, Iceland offers you many ways to warm up comfortably with hot springs and geysers that sometimes splash up to a few meters.

Hot springs are used by both locals to heat their homes and tourist centers. The most famous center is the luxurious Blue Lagoon, which is the most visited by tourists.

Iceland waterfalls are among the most visited places. It boasts great diversity. They are small and quiet, but also huge and majestic. But all are beautiful. The most famous is Rescued Waterfall, located near the capital Reykjavik. Due to its good accessibility it is well visited. Together with the Geysir Geyser and Thingvellir National Park, they form the so-called “golden triangle”. The second largest on the island is Háifoss waterfall. It is 122 meters long. However, it is not easy to get to it and an off-road car is needed to get there.

Beautiful natural panorama of Icelandic waterfall, river surrounded by winter volcanic landscape. The Öxarárfoss waterfall can be found in Thingvellir National Park and is photographed here in a dramatic sky of stained clouds.

It is also worth mentioning the large lake Jökulsárlón. It offers an unusual sight. Glittering glacier floats float on the surface. It stretches between the sea and the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. Huge blue pieces of ice break off from it and head to the sea on the surface of the lake.

Reykjavik - Go on vacation with us

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Flymeto - Öxarárfoss
Flymeto - Svartifoss
Flymeto - Západ slunce v Jökulsárlónu, Island
Flymeto - Island
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A tourist stands in a surreal ice landscape on the beach at Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon in Iceland. Many large pieces of ice are washed off the coast. The glacier mountains that come from the melting Vatnajokull glacier are scattered all over the coast. This picture was taken during a cold winter evening.

Due to the diversity of Iceland, on the way back you will wonder if you have seen everything, and after returning you will start searching for another spare time when you can come back to explore other parts of this exceptional country in every way.

Reykjavik - Go on vacation with us

We offer even cheaper flights and accommodation ..

Flymeto - Reykjavík, hlavní město Islandu v zimním pohledu ze shora.
Flymeto - Mount Kirkjufell, Island. Aurora borealis, polární záře nad horou Mount Kirkjufell, Island
Flymeto - Sopka Grabrok na Islandu. Překrásný pohled na kráter sopky Grabrok na Islandu
Flymeto - Island. Mapka islandu symbolicky charakterizující Island. Ilustrovaný cestovní plakát.
Flymeto - Godafoss. Překrásný vodopád Godafoss v zimě na Islandu, pokrytého sněhem, dlouhá expozice.
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