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How to transport an air bicycle

First of all, it is important to find out how much luggage weight you are allowed on an aircraft. In Europe it is usually 20 kg and 10 kg handbag, which you can take with you, for long-haul flights, each airline has different transport conditions.

Try using your bike as a sporting item and ask your specific airline to increase the weight limit without increasing the ticket price.

Try to hand the bike as a normal baggage or excess baggage and fit into the weight limits for a free ticket.

Check with your selected company to book a bike seat in the hold, but deal with the seller before paying the ticket.

How to prepare a bike for a trip

Transport the wheel in the transported cardboard box unfolded. Unscrew the wheels and straighten the handlebars longitudinally, insert the wheel so distributed into the box and secure it against rolling. Wrap all loose parts with liners and plastic straps. Glue the box inside the hand holes, and it is not necessary to wrap the box with textile carpet tape to protect the corners and sides of the box against abrasion.

The bike can also be transported in cloth football, which must be light, strong and storable and the wheel is necessary to dismantle and secure it.

Disassemble and fold the bike several times before you set off on the plane.

If you are flying to a transfer destination, have your bike checked in for only one flight at a time, and then pick it up and file it again.

When traveling with your bike abroad, pack in addition to the appropriate clothing and equipment for your bike and tools - allen keys, spare tubes, bonding, etc., but pack them in a bicycle box, with allen luggage in hand luggage will certainly not board you after airport check!

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