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Do you suffer from asthma? Saas Fee is waiting for you with open arms!
The Swiss resort of Saas Fee is located just in front of the UNESCO-listed Aletsch Glacier. The picturesque mountain village of Saas Fee, where no cars run, is sunlit. The alpine resort is located on the Italian border below Mt. Allalin is the highest village in the Saastal valley. Saas Fee is especially useful in a dry climate with a negligible amount of allergens, so this stay is especially suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
Feb 11, 2016 2 min read
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Frosty Lofoten
Beautiful Lofoten in amazing nature
Europe · Norway
Nov 22, 2015 2 min read
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How to survive the transfer

Long transfers and sleeping at the airport may not be a nightmare, but a dream come true. Do you know how to arrange a free trip during a transfer in Singapore or a night in a futuristic sleeping box? Learn tips to start seeing transfers as new opportunities._

Explore airport options

Airports in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Paris have their own museum. True to its bohemian spirit, Austin Texas holds free concerts at the airport. You can shorten the changeover in Munich by visiting the microbrewery, or visit the café with a planetarium in Haneda, Tokyo. International airports come up with new ways to make passenger transfers more comfortable. Singapore Airport is the furthest away, and besides lounges, games, a cinema and other activities, there is a relaxing garden with live butterflies.

Take a trip during the transfer

Many airports offer you the opportunity to embark on a round trip and use the several-hour transfer to discover local landmarks. These include Singapore, Amsterdam, Salt Lake City, Doha and Seoul.

Discover the benefits of a transit visa

Transit visas are related to trips during transfers. This is a short-term visa, which is used just in case you have to land on your trip in a country with which the Czech Republic does not have visa-free travel. You must have a transit visa in such countries even if you do not pull your heels out of the airport or even leave the passport control area. A transit visa can be valid for as long as 8 hours and 48 hours. Take advantage of this and plan an extra sightseeing trip along the way. In 24 or 48 hours, you can get to know enough from Hong Kong.

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Ask for a friend on the transfer

Do you fly with KLM, transfer in Amsterdam and have an iPhone? Then you are entitled to a transfer friend. As part of the Layover with a Local program, the volunteer will take you on a city tour to customize your interests. And to melt the ice, he invites you to a familiarization glass that is paid by KLM. Icelandair lent its employees directly as a friend during the transfer in Reykjavik. The volunteers included pilots, even the CEO. The right partner was chosen according to your interests. The action is over, but when traveling with Icelandair, you should always check the page with their Stopover Buddy program.

Clean yourself in the comfort of the lounge

Even if your ticket says economy, you can enjoy the convenience and service of airport lounges. Lounge access can be paid for, either by ordering an all-day passport or cash on entry. With a long and night transfer it pays off. However, only the right credit card, such as Visa Infinite or MasterCard Black, can open the door. Just show them and you’re inside and free. The advantage of such an entry is that you do not have to confine yourself to the airline lounge you are flying with. Does anyone have anything better? Go there.

Connect to wi-fi airport

The right to free wi-fi should be registered in the Constitution. If you also need internet to survive and don’t want to waste mobile data on the go, join the free wi-fi at the airport. The list of passwords at the most frequented airports is regularly updated, for example, in a handy map in the WiFox mobile app.

Benefit transfer comfortably and safely

You usually know that you have a long overnight transfer when you buy tickets. Prepare for it as thoroughly as possible. A few layers of comfortable clothing into which you can bundle is a safe bet, the hood will help shield the light. Some backpackers even carry their own hammocks, which hang up at the airport and survive the night. Although the dark, deserted corner of the airport seems ideal for sleep, camp on the contrary where you can see. Ideally find a place near the airport security service.

Close to the sleeping box

More and more airports are deploying automated sleeping jackets in their spaces to isolate ambient noise and provide a comfortable fit. Some come in the form of a hypermodel lounger or balaclava, others are booths with a private room with a bed and a seating area. Booths are an ideal alternative to airport hotels. If you have a flight canceled or the plane is too late, you can ask for an overnight stay in one of them. Once the aircraft has been delayed for more than three hours, you are also likely to be entitled to cash compensation.

Ask the pilot

What happens if an aircraft bursts? Is it true that the aircraft sails on landing? Patrick Smith spent many years as a pilot of airliners and answers inquiring questions from people on his blog. He put the best of the blog into a book of the same name, which was published in Czech. Perhaps there is no better book to pack for your flight. Of course you can take another book, but be sure to forget it. Against a flashlight in your mobile and laptop will last significantly more hours.


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