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How to save on exchange rates when going on vacation

The differences in exchange rate offers often differ by up to several hundred hellers for 1 euro. You can thus save more than a negligible amount on your vacation! It is important to change money with the right companies and then you only have to pay abroad in the right way.

First, make sure that the bank you are a client of offers a good exchange rate. There is also a difference between individual financial institutions and can amount to 0.50 hellers per 1 euro. If you use the services of a travel agency that arranges tours of German travel agencies, most often prefer to pay directly in euros, which is often more advantageous than paying a holiday by Czech crowns.

If you have a credit card with an advantageous exchange rate, it pays to use it when paying, when payments are much cheaper for you than when paying currencies, and in addition, count on the possible fees for this withdrawal at an ATM abroad. If your bank is offering a disadvantageous rate, contact the currency broker service. Pay close attention to the exchange rate of the Czech crown, it always pays off and you save considerable money!


As the most basic rule recommended by connoisseurs, when withdrawing foreign currency cash from an ATM abroad, ALWAYS choose to withdraw at the exchange rate for that foreign currency. NEVER CHOOSE THE COURSE TO CZECH crown when withdrawing foreign currency cash from an ATM abroad. The reason is an extremely disadvantageous rate (for example, CZK 29.00 for 1 EUR and so on). If you follow this advice, you will save hundreds and sometimes even thousands of crowns!


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