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Jan 21, 2020 2 min read
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How to choose the right seat in an airplane

Many of you are going to relax, and there are more and more passengers flying the plane for the first time. The flight does not always take only a few hours, depending on the distance of the destination, the flight time can extend considerably to tens of hours spent on the aircraft.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right seat that will be comfortable all the way.

If you are traveling with the whole family or group, you will surely be more relaxed when sitting together.

Common known airlines allow you to choose your seat free of charge when booking your tickets. You also have this option at check-in at the airports where seats are allocated.

However, it does not offer low-cost, or low-cost, companies to choose their seats, which have “free seating”, which motivates passengers to speed up boarding. In this case, we advise you to be among the first passengers to check in for the best seat.

When considering choosing a suitable place, first consider how you perceive flying, if you are sick of the plane or are afraid of flying, choose a seating position rather in front, these seats are quieter and the turbulence is not so significant. The exception is propeller aircraft, which have front seats near the engines, noise in this part of the aircraft is the highest.

The vast majority of passengers consider the rear seats on the plane the safest.

Window or aisle seat

Everyone has its own pros and cons.

In the aisle you can stretch your legs as you like, you can also walk; however, you have to expect to be disturbed by people passing through the aisle, and you will also have to dodge the passenger sitting by the window.

Are you going to fly with children, like to take pictures or don’t fly very often? Prefer window seats. You can lean against the wall while sleeping. At the same time, you can remain trapped by sleeping neighbors. Also, remember the cold radiating from the outer wall of the aircraft.

Even as regular passengers, you may not know that, in the economy class in front of some airlines' aircraft, there are seats designed for business travelers, these seats have more foot space, so they are much more comfortable.

Such luxurious places are the so-called “emergency exit row”, which is the line where the emergency exit above the wings is located. Low cost flights are also available in the first place.

The worst seats are mainly rows of seats in front of the emergency exit. Including the last rows of seats, they do not have the possibility of folding backrests; Last but not least, you are disturbed by the proximity of toilets and the hustle and bustle of the onboard buffet.

We wish you a suitable seat selection and a happy and comfortable journey!


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