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How about combining a summer holiday with a wedding ceremony?

Weddings abroad are still on course, but do you know which destinations pay for the most romantic places to make your wedding?

Do you like luxury? A wedding in the Maldives will be the one you will never forget! The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious locations in the world. Conrad Maldives Rangari Island, a five-star resort, has won two awards for the best vacation destination in the world.

Barefoot, only in light white beachwear, at sunset, it is obvious that the most popular place for the wedding ceremony is the local beaches, but also the hotel gardens.

You can also experience an unusual wedding underwater in neoprene, where the diving instructor will be a marriage.

Wedding in Las Vegas? It will cost you just a few ducks!

In the city of sin and gambling, he says “yes” to two hundred thousand couples every year, no wonder the ceremony is only a matter of minutes. For a fee, they will also lend you wedding dresses, a bouquet and even witnesses right in front of the ceremonial hall.

For an additional fee, it is also possible to provide direct internet transmission for family members. The great thing is that the Czech authorities recognize the marriage in Las Vegas.

Wedding on Heart Island?

Tiki Village and the Polynesian Mara Temple, flowers, wreaths and future newlyweds arriving on the boat - are you getting to know your idea of a wedding on Tahiti - the “island of the heart”?

Polynesian island Huahine, which is literally a paradise for travelers and surfers, fits perfectly in the list of favorite places for the engaged couple. Here, too, you will find your dream place, which you lack for a perfect joy.

Whether you decide for any of the above destinations, don’t forget to book the tickets you buy at our unique prices. Travel the whole world with us, choose also the right place for your subsequent honeymoon!

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