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How about a theater performance in Peru?

The longest permanently populated city in South America is the city of Cuzco at an altitude of 3400 meters above sea level. and definitely has something to offer to every tourist. A tour of Plaza de Armas must not be missed, as are the local cathedrals, the most important temples and the Qoricancha monastery.

It is La Catedral from 1550 on Plaza de Armas that you will be fascinated by it. well-known painting “The Last Supper”. Another interesting feature is the left belfry carrying the largest bell in Peru.

You may also be lucky enough to see a festive event taking place at this Plaza de Armas. Whatever the event, locals are usually associated with dancing in traditional costumes and with live music.

If you like their dances, visit the Centro Qosco de Arte Nativo theater, which regularly shows local dances in traditional costumes with period music from 7 pm.

Near the railway station, you will find the huge market of San Pedro (Mercado Central), where you can buy everything you can think of from clothes, meat to household goods. There is also a fruit that you may have never heard of before. You can taste cherimoya or other exotic fruits.

Head to the San Blas district, enter the side streets leading up to the city and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views.

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