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Holidays in Costa Rica

If you search for Costa Rica on the Internet, the first information will go to one thing - Nature, the green color of plants, which is rarely in the world, and therefore Costa Rica is very often called the greenest country on the planet. The variety of colors on this continent is really huge. A natural paradise washed on the one hand by the endless Pacific and on the other by the Caribbean Sea. It doesn’t matter if you are planning an active holiday with a pedometer on hand or lounging on the beach. Costa Rica has a lot to offer to anyone who decides to spend a holiday in this very place. Magnificent and almost secluded beaches will suit those who are going to laze, want to enjoy the all-day noise of the sea and the rays of the sun on their body. If you are one of those who are looking for active days, and you are an adventurer at heart, then we recommend rafting down a wild river, surfing on giant waves, diving, or hiking in the mountains.

Costa Rica will also offer you a dense rainy jungle, where you will be able to see caimans, parrots, monkeys and sloths. Mention that Costa Rica is a land of orchids and it is possible to see more than 100 species of this wonderfully scented flower, we must not forget.

Flymeto - Holidays in Costa Rica
Flymeto - Holidays in Costa Rica

Costa Rica and COVID

  • No PCR tests or 14-day quarantine required
  • Fill in the digital form PASE DE SALUD at:
  • Compulsory travel insurance with the Costa Rican company Instituto Nacional de Seguros covering medical treatment of at least USD 20,000 and 2,000 for hospital accommodation - in case of symptoms during the stay and the ordered quarantine.

No PCR tests or 14-day quarantine are required

Road to Costa Rica

Accommodation in Costa Rica

Weather in Costa Rica

  • The main season in Costa Rica is the months from January to April, when it rains the least.
  • In the months of October - December, on the contrary, the rainy season is full.

Food in Costa Rica

Lovers of beans and rice will enjoy themselves. Costa Rican cuisine is not very varied in this respect, but certainly healthy. It is based on these two ingredients and as a side dish they accompany almost every dish, whether you eat meat, fish or even potatoes :)

What I won’t forget

  • the beauty of national parks, volcanoes and waterfalls - we recommend Rio Celeste, Monteverde Cloud Forest - a beautiful trip through the forest to the waterfalls on the river Rio Celeste. You will certainly be captivated by the azure blue color of the water, which contrasts with the surrounding greenery.
  • exotic animals
  • Caribbean beaches that breathe in the rhythm of reggae - we recommend visiting Cahuita, a deserted white sandy beaches, mangroves, tropical rainforest
  • legendary coffee
Flymeto - Holidays in Costa Rica

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