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Mahe Island (SEZ)

Copenhagen airport
Europe · Denmark
Oct 11, 2009 1 min read
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Holidays by the sea Seychelles

Beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and many small islands, each of which can offer its beauty. In Seychelles, you will always have something to discover, whether it is nature or a beautiful underwater world. The Republic of Seychelles consists of dozens of small islands located in the Indian Ocean north of Madagascar.

You can communicate easily with the locals because, in addition to the Creole called Seselwa, they also speak English or French. The tropical equatorial climate is manifested here by average temperatures approaching 30 degrees, and this is a guarantee of beautiful weather all year round. It also occasionally rains, especially during our winter season. The granite rocks beautifully complement the characteristic image of Seychelles in every view of this beautiful place.

The journey to Seychelles takes approximately 15 hours, the travel time depends on the length of the transfer. Our tip for the ticket price in relation to time is this flight

Mahe Island - Go on vacation with us

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Flymeto - Holidays by the sea Seychelles
Flymeto - Holidays by the sea Seychelles
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Don’t expect large animals in Seychelles, yet it is possible to see many animal species in the tropical rainforest. Dozens of species of mammals and birds, reptiles, amphibians, and many insects will certainly be a great experience for you, which is offered here. Almost half of the territory is carefully protected by the state and is declared a nature reserve. If you decide to vacation in Seychelles, be sure not to miss the view of the underwater world - the Indian Ocean is home to many species of fish, including giant sharks, turtles, crabs, and anemones.

Another inseparable step is the choice of accommodation, which can make your whole stay an even more magical experience. You can choose from average to above standard accommodations.

  1. Villa Cabllero Luxury Villa
  2. Valmer Resort
  3. Fairytern Chalets
Flymeto - Holidays by the sea Seychelles

In the local cuisine, you can taste the influences of other world gastronomy, such as French, Indian or Chinese. The main role here is played by rice, well-prepared seafood, or you can taste freshly caught tuna or barracuda. Even spices aren’t spared in Seychelles, a varied range of flavors from sweet to sharp ones will take you through the world of local gastronomy. Lovers of tropical fruit will enjoy themselves, of which there are plenty on the islands and their taste cannot be compared.

Frequently asked questions about seaside holidays in the Seychelles

Where to buy tickets to Seychelles?

You can find the best flights from Prague with a connection in Dubai in our online search engine.

How long does it take to fly to Seychelles?

Flight time from London to Seychelles=takes about 15 hours. Travel time depends on transfers and averages between 15 and 20 hours. Distance from London=8.152 km

Are there any travel restrictions on Seychelles?

Since March 25, 2021, Seychelles has been open to all tourists from all over the world, except South Africa. Passengers are required to complete the RT-PCR test on Covid-19 no later than 72 hours before departure for Seychelles. A negative test result must be entered into the Health Travel Authorization electronic form before the trip: The rapid antigen test is not recognized. The result of the RT-PCR test must be in English or French. The passenger is also obliged to present a confirmation of accommodation for the entire stay.

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