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Holidays by the sea in Malta

A beautiful destination that, despite its small size, has a lot to offer. It is sea, culture, cuisine as well as nature. All this awaits you in the smallest member state of the European Union. We are your guide on how to spend cheap holidays in Malta this year.

Malta is a popular destination for its magnificent weather. Pleasantly high temperatures and sun? Almost constantly, no matter what time of year you come here. The sea here is so clean that it offers perfect conditions for diving. Not only the underwater world shows its beauties. Although the island is isolated, civilization has flourished here for thousands of years. Malta’s most important historical landmark is the 5-thousand-year-old Hagar Qim Temple. This limestone gem is one of Malta’s famous megalithic temples, many of which predate the pyramids and even the Stonehenge menhir complex. All these temples are UNESCO-protected monuments.


Today, covid makes it too difficult to travel to some destinations. Malta’s Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo has decided to offer international tourists a € 200 benefit for anyone who spends at least two nights in the country. The initiative helps to recover the country’s tourism sector. The Maltese government has previously announced they plan to cancel most of the restrictions and other bans imposed, effective June 1.

According to the Minister of Tourism, each tourist will receive EUR 150 if they choose a four-star hotel, while those who accommodate in a three-star hotel will receive EUR 100. If people choose the island of Gozo in Malta, the subsidy will increase by 10 percent.

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Valletta - Go on vacation with us

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Flymeto - Holidays by the sea in Malta
Flymeto - Holidays by the sea in Malta
Flymeto - Holidays by the sea in Malta
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Cuisine in Malta

Maltese cuisine is very diverse. Mainly due to the influence of many cuisines, especially Italian and British cuisine, to a lesser extent also Arabic, Spanish, French, and Provencal cuisine. Mediterranean food dominates the local gastronomy. Often these are dishes prepared from fish and seafood (perch, swordfish, tuna). You can find Italian pizza and pasta on every street corner. The most popular local dish is crispy and fluffy Maltese ftira bread. The loaves of bread are cut and filled with tomato paste or olive oil, tomatoes, olives, tuna, garlic, or capers.

Where to go in Malta

Blue Grotto or Blue Cave

Blue Grotto is one of the most visited natural attractions in Malta. These are rocky cliffs by the sea, which form a complex of seven caves with a large rock arc falling into the sea.

Mellieha Bay

The beach in the bay, often referred to by locals as Ghadira Bay is the longest sandy beach in Malta. Thanks to the pleasant access to the sea, fine sand, and good accessibility, Mellieha Bay is popular for families with children.


Comino is the smallest and least-populated Malta island. It offers nature, bays, and cliffs that are worth a visit. Snorkeling is also perfect in the clear waters. The island is only 3 km2 in size, and only about ten inhabitants live here permanently. Tourists come here mainly for beautiful scenery and swimming without a large number of people.

Frequently asked questions about a holiday by the sea in Malta

Where to buy tickets to Malta?

You can find the best flights from London and Edinburgh in our online search engine.

Search flights from London to Malta, or look up flights from Edinburgh to Malta.

How long does a flight to Malta take?

The flight time from Prague to Malta takes approximately 2 hours and 16 minutes by direct flight from Prague. The distance from Prague is 1,582 km.

Are there any travel restrictions in Malta?

All passengers must have a negative PCR test for Covid-19 not older than 72 hours. The airport provides covid testing service - a result should be available within an hour. Until the test result is negative, it will be necessary to remain in home isolation (hotel). There is a risk of a fine in case of the breach.

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