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Palma Mallorca (PMI)

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Dec 24, 2015 2 min read
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Holidays by the sea in Mallorca

Mallorca, the largest island in Spain located in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea, is a popular holiday destination for tourists as well as the Spanish royal family. Mallorca is much more than beautiful beaches and tourist resorts. Come and read what awaits you when visiting this island.

The capital is a surprise for many people. The palm tree is beautiful, stylish, sophisticated and yet distracted. Half of the population enjoys the best restaurants, shops and nightclubs, and the other the art scene and cafes. The dominant feature of the capital is the Gothic Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, which protrudes from the city walls, but you will certainly enjoy a walk through the beautiful historic streets that lead to the picturesque squares.

Flymeto - Holidays by the sea in Mallorca

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Where to go in Mallorca

One of the main reasons why Mallorca is so popular is its amazing long white beaches with dozens of picturesque rocky coves. Sandy beaches can be found on all coasts, except the west, where cliffs and rocks dominate. It is also full of amusement water parks for most ages. You can choose from many activities throughout the island that will make your stay more pleasant. You can try golf, experience adventures among the treetops, paintball or go-karting. If you prefer mountains, go to the rocks and enjoy the variety of rocks while climbing or enjoy the views from the rocks by bike.

Nature in Mallorca

While the island boasts about 200 cave systems, two of them are considered the most impressive in Europe. To see the beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations, head to Mallorca’s east coast for one of the Cuevas del Drach or Cuevas de Artà sightseeing routes.

The blue sea hides under its surface colorful treasures that make it a paradise for divers. The best locations for snorkeling and diving are around the southwestern island, which attracts with its rocky nature of the bottom and a large number of sea animals. On the island you will find a large number of diving centers, where you can take part in a course and rent equipment.

There are a total of six protected natural parks in Mallorca, four of which are on the main island, one on each corner of its coast and two small islands. All have much to offer, from the beautiful white sandy beaches of Mondragó, bird watching in S’Albufera, or walks through the rugged landscape of the Llevant and Serra Tramuntana nature reserves. Each of the nature parks offers an ideal escape from the tourist areas and offers to enjoy beautiful views and great hiking trails.


In Mallorca, you can visit several Michelin-starred restaurants. Thanks to chefs who gain experience in the best restaurants around the world, traditional recipes are gradually being innovated. One way to taste such food is through the tasting menu that most restaurants offer. A typical popular way to eat in Mallorca is Tapas, or small snacks or canapés. Tapas offer a large number of variations of usually stuffed jalapeno peppers, goat cheese with grilled eggplant or dried ham with melon.

Frequently asked questions about a holiday by the sea in Mallorca

Where to buy tickets to Mallorca?

You will find the best flights from Prague and Vienna in our online search engine.

How long does the flight to Mallorca take?

Flight time from Prague to Mallorca=the flight lasts approximately 2.5 hours. Distance from Prague=1,965.9 km

Are there any travel restrictions in Mallorca?

Spain requires all persons who arrive in the country by air or sea from risk areas from a negative PCR test (RT-PCR, possibly also TMA or “other test based on appropriate molecular techniques”, but not antigenic tests!) For COVID-19 . The test result is not required for persons under 6 years of age.

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