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Tunis (TUN)

Holidays by the sea in a country rich in history

Looking for an interesting destination for the upcoming holiday? Do you long for a history-woven, beautiful country in North Africa?

A holiday in Tunisia will meet all your expectations of a luxury holiday. In summer, average temperatures in August climb to 33 ° C. The pleasant weather in Tunisia, however, prevails in winter. The best months to visit are the end of June, the turn of September and October, when, in addition to sightseeing, you can take advantage of one of the local beaches for sunbathing, and the azure sea invites you to swim.

If you long for an adventure, there is a Jeep ride through the sand dunes or a camel ridge, a great experience that will be a joy to remember.

You can choose a seaside resort or head to Djerba Island. You can not resist a holiday in an exotic environment full of walks through beautiful towns full of scents of jasmine and mint tea. Do not forget to taste local specialties accompanied by the sound of captivating oriental music.

If you want to actively relax while playing sports, take advantage of the still green golf courses, windsurfing and sailing.

A land full of sun, pm and rest places will delight your heart from the very arrival.

Worth seeing is the capital Tunis, where the weather is milder even in summer.

On the hill you will see a standing citadel of Kasba with a mosque, around which lies the old Arab city of Medina, which is one of the best preserved Islamic medieval cities. The former palace houses the Bardo Museum, which houses an exhibition of many monuments from ancient Carthage, while the ruins of the Antoni Baths are home to the National Museum, which you should also visit. The ruins of Carthage are a frequent tourist destination.

Tunisia is an attractive country, so do not hesitate and buy tickets to the gem of North Africa, where a lot of adventure awaits you.

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