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Kumasi (KMS)

Has Ghana been attracted to you for a long time? With our great offer you can fly at unique prices!

Now is the best time to visit Accra, because the tropical humid climate in the summer months is very uncomfortable to some.

Accra is not a regular tourist destination, but it has much to offer if you come here. It is one of the safest cities in the whole African continent.

A beautiful sun-drenched day on magnificent beaches is just a hint of what you can see and experience in this city. Ghana is renowned for its modern buildings and huts, the colorful colors all around, the bustling spice-filled Accry Street.

Along with a visit to Accra you will open another world, the National Museum with an exhibition of Ghana history and culture is definitely worth seeing.

The ever-smiling Ghanaians will bring a good mood to you at any time of the day.

Makola Market Center in the city center is full of various scents, you can buy food, but also industrial products - carpets, clothing, etc.

If you feel you need a bit of rest after a day’s excitement, Labadi Beach will set you free from the clutches of this beautiful city.

At Bojo Beach you can rent canoes and set out to the water.

Surely you will be attracted by the lighthouse in the distance, it dominates the oldest part of Jamestown, it is mainly a fishing area.

Even in Accre you will find the two largest shopping centers.

At the end of the day or holiday, do not miss the magnificent castle on the Atlantic coast - Christianborg.

Ghanaian cuisine is widely known to be absolutely fantastic and very exotic. Already on the street you can taste a lot of goodies, which you can get at the stalls, but also at the locals in their homes if you visit them. You will surely prepare an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Now you can book with us, Accra is very tempting, so take advantage of our offer on time. From November to April is the best time for a holiday or a visit to Ghana.

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