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Gum Wall - So Tastes America

From: #flymeto   |   May 03, 2019

The walls have divided the world since time immemorial. The Berliner kept the Germans and the Germans apart. Behind the Wailing Wall was God again, and everyone else before her. On the other hand, the Seattle Chewing Wall connects literally everything and everyone as much as the popular sticky mass can do. The ancient chewing gums sit on the bricks next to each other, and their layer of several centimeters reinforces the wall so that even Pink Floydi would not break it.

And why would they do that too? After all, Gum Wall celebrates America’s most American. Iconic confectionery personifying freedom. Chewing is sexy. Chew belongs to the rebels. Ostentative chewing proves that you have a life on the hook. Bart Simpson chews, Elvis chews and Marilyn Monroe blows red lips with bubbles.

Flymeto - wundervisuals |

Flymeto - Gum Wall - So Tastes America

Flymeto - Gum Wall - So Tastes America

Flymeto - Gum Wall - So Tastes America

SEASTOCK, Jay Boivin, SpVVK |

Impact of the theater chew prohibition on public space

The chewing gum wall was spontaneous. It is located on Post Alley on Pike Place Market, and features the Market Theater. Spectators waiting in the queue for the show simply put off without asking what they would not take in their dressing room. Courageous youtubers now profit from the fact that chewing gums have somehow forgotten to pick up on the way home. The biggest challenge of this attraction is to find out how to taste America.

Try it? It’s like kissing a stranger across time.

The average American consumes more than 600 chewing gum a year (according to a 2006 survey, the average Czech consumes only 158). Since he accidentally swallows only a few of them, the question arises as to what he is doing with the others. After all, art. Chewing gums of all conceivable colors and tastes create breathtaking mosaics and elastic stalactites.

It does not take long to cover the wall. It dates back to the first half of the 1990s, which was significant for Seattle. At that time, the city gave the world culture two hearty bites - grunge and a wall full of gum. Both caused at least a controversial aftertaste in the mainstreem. But it also gained its supporters. While Cobaina awarded MTV, Chewing Wall was ranked among the 5 most interesting and dirty tourist attractions in 2009.

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Flymeto - richter foto |

Vandalism: liquidating a wall or rebuilding it

Like any wall, it has these two sides, and it is always important which one you stand on. When you go contribute your little bit to the Gum Wall mill, sensitive characters should stay away. Believe that over time even the most intense peppermint fragrance develops. And if only that. Perhaps this is why the wall faces criticism and disgust from the conservative citizens as well as the regular raid of a cleaning crew with steam cleaners.

Enthusiastic chewing gum lovers, however, will always rebuild the wall so that it can again pose with tourists in all its glory with the festive clicking of the cameras.

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