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Oslo (OSL)

Go to Norway

Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway. It is situated on the northernmost shores of the Oslofjord and surrounded by forests and mountains from all other directions. The town was founded in 1048 by King Harald III. Hardradou. Oslo has a population of around 530,000.

Architecturally, Oslo is not a great miracle, but you can still love it for many other reasons - for example, its cleanliness, quiet center, nice houses, harbor, low rate of pickpocketing and crime in general, proximity to nature and sports, museums, parks. Oslo offers lots of fun and the opportunity to experience Norwegian culture.

Do not miss the sights

Kon-Tiki Museum - The name Kon-Tiki got a raft that was made of balsa wood. He became famous for the fact that in 1947 the famous Norwegian writer Thor Heyerdahl, along with five other men, crossed the Kon-Tiki raft by the Pacific Ocean. The voyage was from the South American coast to Polynesia and was carried out to support Heyeardal’s hypothesis of settling the Pacific Islands. The raft was made using technologies dating back to Christopher Columbus. His name Kon-Tiki was derived from the original name of the Indian god Sluce, who was called Virakochy.

The Fram Museum The Fram Museum exhibits the entire Fram, with which Roald Amundsen has made a successful voyage to Antarctica. This event has entered history because it was the first time a person stood at the South Pole. It was just before Christmas on December 14, 1911. In the museum you can see the original Fram ship, where you can move around and see all available places on the ship.

Holmenkollen-Not only in Lilehammer is the ski jump, but Oslo has its own, which was named Holmenkollen. Nowadays it is not used much. During the summer it is filled with water and there are trained acrobatic skiers jumping into the water. It was the venue of the 1952 Winter Olympics. For the upcoming 2011 World Cup, the Norwegians have built a new ski jump.

Book in time. A unique fairy-tale country will leave an impression on you.

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