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New York (NYC)

Get to know New York on your own, you have a unique opportunity!

Book your tickets to one of the most impressive cities in the world, New York! Now you have a unique opportunity to fall in love with this city. The specific style of this city will literally engulf you with its atmosphere and culture.

Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, Broadway musicals, St. New York has thousands of attractions awaiting you. Take a stroll in Central Park’s most famous, featuring rare trees, large lawns for relaxing in the grass, and a giant lake. Thousands of New Yorkers run here every day, skate, walk their dogs and ride horses.

At the top of the Park is the largest Metropolitan Museum in the world with an exhibition of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. But also Picasso or collections of Mayan gems.

Culturally based individuals should not miss Broadway, which is lined with dozens of well-known and lesser known theaters.

There is a Rockefeller Center complex between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. This is where typical Christmas shots of skating New Yorkers come from under a huge, decorated tree. It is a giant center with restaurants, shops and city views. The world famous Times Square is a short walk away.

You will surely spend a pleasant afternoon spending a boat trip from Battery Park in Mannhatan to the Monumental Statue towering on Liberty Island. Definitely do not miss the view from the crown of this famous statue.

While walking through the city will certainly spoil you, so go to taste the real fast food, ie original hotdogs, hot dogs and hamburgers. If you do not like this kind of snack, you will also find restaurants with international cuisine in the center of Manhattan, Japanese, Korean, Italian and even Czech cuisine is available here.

But when you hit the street stalls with these American goodies, you can’t resist! You put on a hotdog a proper dose of ketchup, mustard, cabbage, sprinkle everything with a fried onion, and you just have to genuine American hotdog to really enjoy and feel really New York. It’s worth it!

Even your business meeting can become a pleasant holiday, cheap tickets to certainly be used by curious students and seniors.

Book your ticket on time, save time and money and set out on a “great puddle” for the right adventure!

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