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Georgia and its secrets

Ancient Kolchida was situated on the east coast of the Black Sea. Many years have passed and many waves have rolled over history. Today, Georgia is recovering from the past regime and the government is trying to attract as many tourists as possible. Many new hotels have been built and new infrastructure has been built.

The Black Sea coast belongs to the northern part of Abkhazia and south to Ajaria, which is a less separated area. Abkhazia offers well-known resorts such as Sukhumi and Picundo, but the route here is quite complicated, many permits are required. Ajara is part of Georgia and you can go there anytime.

The metropolis is Batumi, which is visited by thousands of tourists a year. They are attracted by new, modern hotels and nice Black Sea beaches. There is a very popular private accommodation where you come on your own and take up accommodation with private persons, for cheap money you have accommodation and food, which is very convenient. The pleasant environment will also allow sleep in the tent.

Georgia offers many attractions

Not everyone comes to the beach. You will find the Caucasus, a number of natural parks, monasteries and fortresses or the ancient rock city Upilistsikh, which is absolutely unique. The beaches begin to stretch five kilometers from the Turkish border and do not stop there. They can also be found outside the resorts.

The last place to refresh yourself by the sea is the small village of Anaklia on the Abkhazian border-border, guarded by the Russian Peace Corps, which is located behind the bridge on the Engury River. Around the Black Sea are Romania, Bulgaria, from the north Ukraine, Russia, in the east Georgia, from the south Turkey. Its area is 461 000 km2 and its depth is 2210 m. The Danube, Dniester, Dnieper and Don flows into it.

Georgia is a country full of secrets, you will certainly like it here. Already purchased?

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