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Geographically and nominally attractive Ho Chi Minh City

From: #flymeto   |   Jan 30, 2016

Still thinking about this holiday? Pack your bags and head to Saigon!

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest metropolis of entertainment and shopping in Vietnam.

In addition to the beauty of architecture, you can admire shopping malls full of luxury trendy clothes for a few crowns.

Take a day-long walk around the city and explore as many of the tourist attractions as possible. The biggest and scary attraction is the War Museum, in the Cholon district you can admire beautiful temples.

The War Museum offers an exhibition of armored personnel carriers, weapons, tiger cages, and even the original guillotine.

At the Ben Thanh marketplace, marketers will give you a taste of the food on offer, as well as branded clothing.

Other days you can relax in one of the many water parks, you can spend nice moments in the zoo or botanical garden, if you have the opportunity, visit is certainly worth racing.

In the evening, enjoy one of the famous local restaurants, bars and nightclubs, all in the neon light.

In Ho Chi Minh City there are various modes of transport, but cycling is the most fun.

However, nowhere else will you see so many bikes together. Everyone is riding a motorcycle here. You can also borrow it!

You’ll blend in better with the crowd and have a great experience. Though as hikers, you will experience something unbelievable when crossing a single junction, step by step, to stages. There’s so much motorbike that it’s almost impossible to walk from one side to the other. You seem to be in a digital game for a while.

What else could be more original than a night Saigon street full of tourists sitting on plastic chairs, drinking cheap draft beer. And if you are attracted to an excellent grilled octopus, Saigon will add even more to your heart.

Packed? Book your ticket in time!

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