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The world's best airport III.
TOP 10 largest airports in the world III.
North America · Georgia - USA
Dec 24, 2015 2 min read
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Have you heard of the Austrian National Park Kalkalpen?
Are you sports based? Here you really enjoy! Stop by in Windischgarsten, on the southern edge of the national park, a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and ideal conditions for sports activities, especially cycling, gorge climbing, golf and horseback riding. Are you attracted to higher altitudes? Climb the Wurbauerkogel hill, choose a hiking and nature trail, or take the cable car up. Below you is a 1.5 km long toboggan run or a small Alpine Coaster roller coaster.
Feb 01, 2016 2 min read
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Futuristic trees in Singapore

Create the appropriate space and the animals will come. This was the motto in the latest episode of the BBCs Planet Earth document, which addressed the problem of disappearing greenery and animals from the surface of our planet. In addition to protected reserves, humanity is supposed to create new ones as a substitute for devastated habitats. Therefore, in a promising vision of the future, cities grow in harmony with nature. An example of such a utopia is one of the most populous - Singapore. In the shade of skyscrapers, Gardens by the Bay smells and smells.

Singapore built a complex of three futuristic gardens as part of the reclamation of 106 hectares of greenery around the Marina Reservoir. The whole project was part of the strategy of the Singaporean government, which bears a clearly speaking title “City in the Garden”. Call of Duty III computer game players know what they’re talking about. In the middle of a super-modern relaxation zone and a botanical garden in one, a whole mission takes place. With those who do not play games and who still want to get to know the unique park, let’s go through the parts nicely.

Man’s return to the Garden of Eden

Gardens by the Bay were opened to the public for the first time in 2012 and consist of three parts. In addition to relaxing in the green, the gardens also focus on the relationship between man, plant and planet in ecological and cultural-historical contexts and draw up programs and exhibitions on these topics. The smallest, the Central Garden, is such a pleasant 3-kilometer coastal promenade. From the Eastern Garden is the most impressive view of the city skyline. On 32 hectares the theme of water is played - water channels are excavated in the direction of the blowing wind, thanks to which the water network naturally penetrates the interior of the garden and supplies large tropical deciduous trees.

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Smart and greenhouses

The Southern Garden features 54 hectares of tropical vegetation in the ultimate horticultural art. The design of the inner structure was inspired by orchid as a national flower and symbol of the tropics. The large park is dominated by two dome of gigantic greenhouses on the waterfront. In addition to the classical function, these greenhouses also have an ecological function - they function as an internal organ of the whole garden. They collect rainwater and, by circulating it in the cooling system, regulate hot air and water inside. The whole smart system is also connected to super trees, which participate in it to a large extent.

These are the largest greenhouses in the world ever built without additional supports and columns. The larger and lower of them, the Flower Dom, even earned a record in the Guinness Book of Records. Inside, you will find seven gardens, each of which simulates a mild and dry Mediterranean in a pleasant microclimate at 23-25 ° C. Due to the Singapore heat, you can cool down in the second greenhouse called Cloud Forest. You will find yourself in an environment typical for humid tropical mountains around 1000–3000 m asl with its own 42-meter mountain and waterfall. This place is dominated by epiphytes of all shapes and sizes - from orchids to ferns to variously colored mosses.

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Gigantic super trees of a thousand floors

The biggest highlight of Gardens by the Bay is undoubtedly super trees, called Super Trees. Altogether there are 18 of them, out of which 12 “grow” in the Grove of super trees. They are immense constructions 25-25 meters high that mimic the functions of a tree, including collecting water and sunlight and transforming it into energy. These phenomenal vertical gardens host 162,900 exotic plants, of which about 200 orchid and bromeliad species. Between the two highest towers, there is a 128 meter long footbridge that gives you a view of the lively tree bark from nearby and a fantastic view of the gardens. In addition, super trees come to life at night with light and music shows and are visible for miles.

Guides you through the botanical application

Except for the greenhouses and the overhead bridge between superstores, everything is freely accessible at no charge. Before you go to the gardens, check the event calendar and regular program to make sure you don't miss anything interesting. We also recommend downloading The Plant Explorer for free that tells you more about each plant, helps you identify it, and even reminds you where to look and what to look for in real-time walks. And if you postpone your visit until 2021, you will be able to get off directly at the complex at the specially built Singapore Metro Station.

The park is still just a park

Although millions of enthusiastic admirers visit the garden annually and collect international awards , it has its skeptics. Dr. Ho Hua Chew, vice chairman of the Nature Society of Singapore NGO for Nature Conservation, points to the project's alibism. The garden can attract only those kinds of animals that can adapt. But what about the others? It points out that landscaped and managed gardens cannot fully replace wilderness and fights for a more intensive conservation. None of that, of course. Hopefully this is not the last plan to preserve nature, but only one of the helpful steps to reintegrate it into everyday life.

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