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Nice (NCE)

French Riviera for an attractive holiday

Coast with great history. An area that is most popular abroad and in the French homeland. The most famous city on the Riviera Centro has settled in the bay. The small fishing port became famous in the early fifties, thanks to the artists and intellectuals who went to spend the summer there.

The French Riviera offers a beautiful azure sea, plenty of beaches, resorts and many sights. You can bet on excellent French wine that can be found in most pubs.

You will discover the beauties of Nice along the walks and a magical impression in the Marineland Marine Park in Antibes

You should enjoy a day trip to Verdon Canyon and Saint Tropez, at the stops you can notice the beautiful views. In Cannes, you will have a great tour of the harbor and the Festival Palace, including the historic streets of Croisette and hotels near the beaches.

Menton is a spa town named as the Secret Riviera because it hides among the mountains. Again, you will find great beaches, legendary monuments (such as St. Michel’s Church) and you shouldn’t miss the lemon festivals.

For a holiday in the French Riviera, you should go for at least 5 days in order to get through something and enjoy a great holiday whether on the beaches or sightseeing. Do not forget to book in time.

Saint Tropez

According to most, it is one of the most famous places in France.There were films about the gendarme of Saint-Tropez.It is a fishing village with an endless beach and white sand. Its gendarmerie building is one of the most photographed buildings in France.

====NICE ====

a town with a romantic historic area and a palm English promenade, the Le Chateau outlook of the city and the legendary Roman harbor where you can swim.

And you should not forget to do a day off by the sea.

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