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From: #flymeto   |   Apr 02, 2019

The transfer of hours and the airport hall turn into a post-apocalyptic reality, where everyone fights against everyone for a good baguette and the most uncomfortable metal seat. These eight airports have decided to put an end to this and offer long-distance city tours for long-haul passengers. In addition to shortening the passengers for a long time, they also offer them the opportunity to “try water by foot” and get to know the city at least from a fast train. Which metropolises can you fall in love with and be added to your list?


If there is more than an eight-hour transfer at Taipei Airport, you have a reason to rejoice. Take one of two airport tours. The morning trail takes you to the divine Zushih Temple, and even outside the city for a pottery purchase. The afternoon route is more agile and follows purely landmarks such as the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the country’s tallest building and the 6th tallest skyscraper in Taipei 101.

  • Tickets available * at the tourist center at Terminal 1 or 2 in the main arrival hall behind passport control. The number of seats is limited. First come first served. It starts off twice a day, around 8.00 and 14.00.

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Well, Singapore’s Changi Airport is so well equipped that you won’t want to run away from the air-conditioned rooms, the butterfly garden, the video game room and the massage chairs. Yet Singapore also offers two amazing excursions. The City Sights route runs from the giant Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel to the coveted Merlion Park and stops to Gardens by the Bay as cut out of Avatar. The route runs in the evening when all the sights and the city are impressively lit. The Heritage Tour is for everyone who wants to see the peculiar neighborhoods, as well as the local business, colonial, Chinese or Indian neighborhoods.

  • Tickets available * at Free Singapore Tours at Hall F at Treminal 2 or Hall A at Terminal 3. Every day, 4 Heritage Trails and 2 City Sights Trails take off. The site has who comes first.

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Salt Lake City

Airport in Salt Lake City is one of the main transfer airports in America. For Europeans, it will be a destination rather than a transfer point, but still. If you have a transfer of more than 2 hours, let us take you to Temple Square, a majestic complex of church buildings that boast the city center. Go for a sightseeing tour, even if you don’t support church monuments, you can easily skip the church and admire the nearby Park or Museum of Modern Art.

  • Tickets are available * at the information at terminals 1 and 2. The tour takes place every half hour or hour, depending on the season.

  • Want to know more? * Go to .


Istanbul Ataturk Airport is one of the busiest airports ever. Do you have more than a six-hour transfer and fly with Turkish Airlines? Then the touristanbul program is for you to win. All iconic landmarks such as Sultan Ahmed’s Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and many more are on display.

  • Get tickets * in the arrivals hall at Hotel Desk. Every day there are several trips that last from 3.5 to 9 hours. When booking, be careful and do not sign on a longer trip than the transfer allows.

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Volunteers took on the task of confiscating transfer passengers at Narita Tokyo Airport. They have three excursions prepared - sightseeing to the popular Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple, home-cooked food to Shibayama, and nature around Tako. These are volunteer activities, so you have free travel guides, but you pay for the train to and from the airport yourself. You should also expect to spend it if you set out to taste Japanese tastes.

  • Tickets available * at Narita Transit Program at Terminal 1F in the central building. Also, leave enough cash to pay for your train ticket.

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Incheon Airport is one of the few airports to get to know the city even for passengers with shorter transfers and book a tour in advance online. You can choose from a number of routes for urban or temple monuments of 1-6 hours, so you can see something even during a two-hour transfer. You will be able to see at least the picturesque Yonggungsa Temple.

  • Tickets available * at Hana Tour counter between gates 25 and 29 or at Gato 8. The price always includes transport and English speaking guide. Entrances, food and more but you need to pay.

  • Want to know more? * Go to .


Do tourist buses have urticaria? Then make sure your transfer in Amsterdam is longer than 6 hours and you flew with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. In this case, they will pair you with an English-speaking local with similar interests and he will take you on a city tour. Just fill out a short questionnaire about your interests. In addition, KLM will also pay for bus tickets from the airport and back and the first round with your new partner at the city center bar.

  • You get a partner * if you fly from the US, Canada or Italy and basically you only have a plane ticket that meets all the rules. In this case, KLM will automatically offer you a local guide transfer offer by e-mail.

  • Want to know more? * Go to .


With Qatar Airways and transfer for at least 6 hours, explore the capital city of Doha. During the three-hour journey you will not be deprived of landmarks such as the Katara Cultural Village, the Museum of Islamic Art by architect Zaha Hadid or shopping at Souk Watif. The trip includes a free visa and a bottle of water in case you forget that the airport door is a desert.

  • Tickets are available * at the Doha City Tour desk between the shops in Terminal B. The desk opens about 2-3 hours before the trip and it is good to be there in time. The number of seats is limited.

  • Want more information? * Go to .

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