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How to transport an air bicycle
First of all, it is important to find out how much luggage weight you are allowed on an aircraft. In Europe it is usually 20 kg and 10 kg handbag, which you can take with you, for long-haul flights, each airline has different transport conditions. Try using your bike as a sporting item and ask your specific airline to increase the weight limit without increasing the ticket price. Try to hand the bike as a normal baggage or excess baggage and fit into the weight limits for a free ticket.
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Frankfurt is definitely not boring!

From: #flymeto   |   Dec 06, 2015

Frankfurt am Main is known for its banking and trade fairs. This beautiful city will pleasantly surprise you with its order, cleanliness and openness.

Do you have an inquisitive child at home who has completely failed the dinosaur phenomenon? Head to Frankfurt for the weekend and take your kids to a great show - the dinosaur skeletons!

Already on arrival you will surely notice the silhouettes of modern high-rise buildings, which are in an interesting contrast with the older streets of the city. Frankfurt is home to the most skyscrapers of all German cities. The group of skyscrapers in this area has the distinctive name Skyline, which is to show the wealth and strength of the banking sector throughout Europe.

The most important skyscraper is undoubtedly the seat of the European Central Bank - known as Eurotower. Another gem is Westendtower, which is the headquarters of the German DZ Bank. At the top of the 208-meter-high skyscraper is a crown to commemorate Frankfurt as a historically important coronation city of the Roman kings.

The only public lookout tower can be found at the Maintower Building. From here you can admire the city from a height of 200 meters. Do not miss this experience, you will have a beautiful view of the whole city and a large part of the Main-Rhine conurbation. The renowned restaurant with panoramic views is located on the 53rd floor. The tallest building in the European Union is the Commerzbank Tower.

The Messeturm building serves as an exhibition center. About 40 trade fairs are held in this area, eg the most famous automobile IAA.

The historic center of Altstadt is in stark contrast to high-rise buildings. The most beautiful part of it is Römerplatz with its beautiful half-timbered houses with a medieval impression, but they are not more than fifty years old.

The most important building of this square is the town hall Römer, whose facade is decorated with statues of four Roman emperors. The election of the kings took place in the nearby Gothic church of St. Bartholomew. Also see the old opera house Alte Oper in Opernplatz, Goethe’s House, visit the Museum of Modern Art, the Historical Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Kunsthistorical Museum and the Senckenberg Research Institute, where life-size dinosaur skeletons are located. Another important exhibition of the museum is a collection of stuffed birds, which are among the largest of its kind in the world. You will be impressed by the impressive exhibits of elephants, cetaceans and other marine animals.

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