You can go to France at any time of the year. Everyone has their own charm. The climate in France is globally mild, oceanic and the climate is divided into four climatic zones. However, it depends on where you are.

Northern France is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and clouds alternate with rain. Thanks to the open sea, there is humid air and also warm winters. Western France brings considerable humidity and frequent rainfall, especially in Brittany. Temperature differences between winter and summer are small. Summers are relatively cold here. Eastern France is more continental. Cold winters and hot summers. A considerable amount of snow falls on the mountains. In spring and autumn, Eastern France is accompanied by precipitation and storms. In southern France in the Provence region, frost days are rare. Summer dry and mountain days predominate here. In winter, a cold dry wind blows from the Alps. On the Côte d’Azur it is on average 12–14 ° C in winter. The weather in the Alps is accompanied by high rainfall and snow cover for almost half a year.

The best date for visiting France is usually the end of April. The weather is more sunny here than in our country and the weather is suitable for hiking. If you want to go to the Atlantic, expect it to be cold until June. The bathing season is here until September and often until mid-October, when the water temperature is around 20 ° C. The most attractive time to visit France is from the beginning of March to September or October.

The winter months in the Alps and the Pyrenees are suitable for winter fun.

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Weather in Paris

Temperatures in July and August rise to 27 ° C. Expect temperatures from 1 ° C to 6 ° C in January. The temperature average of the spring and autumn months is 11 ° C, in winter the temperature is around 4 ° C. A good time to visit Paris is from April to October, when the weather is usually sunny and warm.


When to fly to Paris

The most attractive months to visit Paris are from the beginning of March to September or October. April is a good choice for visiting Paris. However, the city attracts visitors all year round. Paris experiences the most intense influx of tourists during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Easter and, of course, during the summer holidays.

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