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Dec 04, 2015 2 min read
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Flymeto and Czech Miss were on Formula 1

It was a big ride in Spa. The finalists of this year’s canceled Czech Miss Essens, Adéla Štroffeková and Lucie Pejčochová, were with the Charouz Racing System team to promote, a partner of the Czech team racing in the F2 and F3 series. And it was a big ride on the legendary Belgian circuit in Spa!

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Flymeto - Flymeto and Czech Miss were on Formula 1
Flymeto - Flymeto and Czech Miss were on Formula 1
Flymeto - Flymeto and Czech Miss were on Formula 1
Flymeto - Flymeto and Czech Miss were on Formula 1
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For the first time since the security measures in the global coronavirus pandemic, it was possible to take VIP guests to one of the F1 companies (which also includes the F2 championship in Belgium). “It’s an incredible experience, I enjoy it to the fullest,” said Adéla Štroffeková, who was at F1 for the first time in her life, directly from the Kingdom of Belgium. “Dad envied me, he’s a big fan of motoring and formula in particular,” the model laughed, adding that he would Of course, tell everything in detail.

It was also “formula for the first time” in Belgium for her beautiful friend. So Lucie Pejčochová also shone with satisfaction. “The atmosphere here is wonderful. I’m looking forward to describing it to my friends,” she said at a time when a monopost had just passed her during training for the Belgian Grand Prix. Both cats wore outfits made by the Hothess style company in a record short time of two days.

Both finalists of the beauty contest arrived in Spa at the invitation of Charouz Racing System and it’s not just about fun. Their main task is to promote the project, which provides a complete travel service. It is also used by the Czech team.

“We are extremely satisfied. They will arrange everything for us. The shortest connections, transfers from and to the airport, accommodation and so on. They have already saved us a lot of time and money,” praised the owner of the stable Antonín Charouz.

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