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Fly where swimwear is not worn!

On the Bar Riviera in Montenegro is a tourist destination Sutomore, famous for its beautiful beaches. You will find everything you expect from your holiday. Sutomore is located near the town of Petrovac and the summer resort of Baru. It is surrounded by beaches and on the other side by the Sozina mountain massif, the highest peak of which is Sutorman (805 m). These mountains prevent the advent of bad weather from the inland, so the whole area excels in very attractive, favorable climatic conditions, so there is enough sun and heat waiting for you.

Sutomore is also rich in historical monuments, of which the most important and oldest is the church. Liquids from the 8th century, hiding two altars, for Orthodox believers and for Catholics. On the Golo Brdo hill you can find the remains of the Turkish fortress Tabija, which offers breathtaking views of the coast, the Adriatic Sea and mountains. On a hiking trip, definitely head to Haj Nehaj Hill.

Sutomore’s biggest tourist attraction is the beaches. The main beach, which consists of sand and pebbles, along the coastal promenade, is the center of social events and comes to life by dark. At the southern end of the beach you will come across the Ratac Peninsula, dominated by the 11th century Benedictine Monastery of Our Lady of Racka, which will lure you to a nudist beach where you definitely don’t need a swimsuit!

Another such beach is Maljevik.

The beaches are surrounded by a beautiful clear Adriatic Sea, so there is a very popular diving. You can also rent jet skis and boats.

This holiday is perfect for couples in love and party friends.

Book your flight to Montenegro today and enjoy the great summer weather! The holidays are approaching, so plan your vacation in time! You can comfortably book cheap flights from home!

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