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Nov 18, 2015 2 min read
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Fly glamp

When we say the word camping and camping, everyone recalls the tents, caravans and the special unrepeatable atmosphere of camping and toasting sausages at the campfire. Holiday with gas stoves, tripod stew and folding tables.

This is perhaps the only thing that glamping has in common with camping. In recent years, glamor camping has conquered the world, is one of the most stylish and luxurious accommodation that modern tourism has to offer, and at the same time it is an expression of the most modern yet naturally-integrated architecture and design. Magic camping is a unique lifetime experience and is definitely worth a try.

The basis of a quality glamping resort is its perfect location, location selection is an important part of success. It must always be an original natural place that is itself of high quality. It can be an Indian desert or African savannah, Chilean plateau, American ranch, Amazon forest, it should always be a beautiful and clean natural place.

Glamping has its roots deep in the distant past, when Indian rulers and wealthy travelers traveled the world with their high-quality and luxurious facilities. Surprisingly, no one is surprised that the renaissance of luxury camping comes from India and South Africa, from where it spread to other countries in Asia, Africa and the USA. In the last two years, people in Latin America and Europe have seen glamping.

Glamping camps in Africa are among the best that this new style has brought. Visitors are in direct contact with the wilderness, must respect its rules, while having a perfect background. Their reward for respecting the wilderness is an experience they can hardly experience elsewhere. Wild animals perceive the camp as part of their world and enter the camp area, walk through it and behave in it like in other parts of the wild bush.

An integral part of the magic camping is the perfect and quality equipment of luxury tents. There are no folding chairs, inflatable mattresses or mats, on the other hand you have very stylish furniture made of solid wood, or reinforced aluminum structures with artificial rattan strings. Bamboo or wooden floors are covered with quality carpet. The bathrooms are equipped with beautiful wooden or stone bathtubs. Part of the tents is almost always a terrace with a unique view and equally good garden furniture.

Glamping resorts must also offer a number of other services in the area of rest and relaxation (wellness centers and spa services) and active sightseeing (safari, cycling, hiking, etc.). The aim is to provide a comprehensive experience.

Glamping must not be discarded before you experience it, so arrange for luxury wilderness accommodation along with flight tickets and spend an unforgettable dream vacation full of experiences that everyone doesn’t have!

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