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How to transport an air bicycle
First of all, it is important to find out how much luggage weight you are allowed on an aircraft. In Europe it is usually 20 kg + 10 kg handbag, which you can take with you, for long-haul flights, each airline has different transport conditions. Try using your bike as a sporting item and ask your specific airline to increase the weight limit without increasing the ticket price. Try to hand the bike as a normal baggage or excess baggage and fit into the weight limits for a free ticket.
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Set out for romance in Fiji

From: Paco   |   Apr 20, 2016

The archipelago of Fiji in love has a very rich history. Today it is one of the most romantic places on the planet. The Blue Lagoon was filmed here.

Romantic and dangerous Fiji

There were cannibalistic customs in Fiji among locals in the 19th century, and no one could be sure of their lives. You don’t have to worry about anything today. There are strict rules for visitors to follow.

Year by year there is a growing number of resorts, where you can spend a very pleasant holiday. There is a common lifestyle as we know from the West. The Melanean Fiji Archipelago is located in the southwest Pacific, with white sand beaches and a turquoise sea awaiting you.

Accommodation in Fiji is provided in bure bungalows, which are built from natural materials. You can choose a simple style, up to the most luxurious ones, which boldly match your stay in a luxury hotel. Luxury accommodation can be found on the island of Matamanoa, which lies in the middle of a shallow lagoon. A very popular place is Coral Coast, which is a popular place for weddings. There is no problem to dine by candlelight on the beach or get a newlywed discount. The private island of Nakubati has only seven bungalows and children under 12 years old are not allowed. Thanks to the beautiful weather you can go to Fiji all year round.

Fiji is also a popular destination for filmmakers. Both parts of the Blue Lagoon were filmed here or Castaway, which was filmed on Monuriki Island, which has since been called the Castaway Island. Luxury resorts offer you quality restaurants, friendly service, absolute privacy and such as snorkeling, swimming pool, whirlpools or golf courses.

Do you want to spend a romantic holiday, honeymoon or get married in Fiji? There is nothing easier than to book in time.

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