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Frequently Asked Questions

Book a Flight

How can I check that my ticket is booked?

Upon completion of your booking, the confirmation email will arrive within 2 hours at the latest. That is why you need to fill in your actual email address when booking the ticket.

I still have not received a confirmation email. Is my ticket booked?

Check the spam and bulk folder in your email. If you can not find it there, contact our customer support immediately by chat or phone. It is possible that a typing error occurred while typing an email and it needs to be corrected.

What if we travel as a larger group?

The maximum group size is 9 people. You must make a reservation for all members of the group at once. Separate reservations can not be merged later. All tickets must be paid at the same time, otherwise the entire booking will be canceled.


How can I pay for the ticket?

You can pay the ticket in several ways:

  • By credit card – via secured payment gateway at check-in

How and where can I get my ticket?

The ticket will be delivered in electronic form to the e-mail address you entered in the reservation. You do not have to print the ticket. To get on board, you only need a printed boarding pass you receive based on a check-in ticket – either online or at the airport. You can also pick up the ticket at our premises.

Why do I have to pay the ticket today until 21:00? Is not it a mistake?

The given ticket price can only be guaranteed on the same day. Therefore, it is necessary that the money arrive on the account by this time, otherwise the reservation will not be made. If you are afraid the transfer is not fast enough, pay by the credit card.

If I can not pay for the ticket in time, can the due date be extended?

We can not extend the due date because we can not guarantee the same ticket price. But our customer support may try to repeat the booking. Contact them via chat or by phone.

Ticket and check-in

Is more important a ticket or a boarding pass?

The ticket serves as a confirmation of your flights and includes check-in and transfer instructions. Based on that you will get the boarding pass. Unlike the ticket, it must always be printed and will only let you into the plane.

What is online check-in?

For online flight check-in, you will get more information from the ticket you purchased. You can do it yourself and avoid standing in the queue at the airport. Do not forget to print out the boarding pass and take it with you.

What if I have to check-in at the airport?

If you can not check-in online in advance, find the check-in desk at the airport. You can check in your luggage based on your electronic ticket.

What time need I to be at the airport before time of departure?

It depends on airport and flight. You should arrive in the airport entrance 2 hours ahead of departure on European flights and even 3 hours ahead for intercontinental flights. If you use online check-in, you can arrive at the airport even later, but always early enough to reach your gate on time.

Is the boarding pass in my mobile phone enough to get into the plane?

No way. You can board only with the printed boarding pass.

My flight is changed. What shall I do?

If the change of flight does not threaten your next connection, you will have to accept the change. However, if you miss the next flight, please contact our customer support for assistance.

Visas, vaccinations and documents

Where can I find out if I need a visa?

You can find a complete overview on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. On the page below the map in the upper right corner, select the country you’re flying to and go to Travelling. You will see current recommendations and warnings, including the Visa menu. If you are still unsure, contact the embassy of the country.

Is it true that I also need a visa for a transfer?

Before booking, check which countries you are flying through. If you have to change on your way and you have to have your luggage checked in again or you exit the transit zone you may need a visa. If so, you must secure it in advance.

Where can I find out if I need a vaccination?

You can find a complete overview on the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. On the page below the map in the upper right corner, select the country you’re flying to and go to Travelling. You’ll see current recommendations and warnings, including Healthcare, with information on necessary and recommended vaccination. If you are still unsure, contact the embassy of the country.

Can I fly only with my identity card or driving license?

If you are flying within the European Union, a valid identity card or driving license should be sufficient. However, some member countries have their rules, so make sure that you do not need a passport on the embassy’s website or on the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the page below the map in the upper right corner, select the country you’re flying to and go to Travelling. You will see current recommendations and warnings, including the Visa.


What is the difference between carry-on luggage and checked luggage?

Carry-on luggage is one that every passenger, except for infants, can take with him on board. Its maximum allowable dimensions and weight are different for each airline (usually 6-12 kg) and you can find the details on your ticket. You hand in your checked luggage at your airline’s desk and it travels in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Therefore you have no access to it during the journey.

How shall I find out if the checked luggage is included in the ticket price?

You can see the number, maximum size and weight of all luggage that is included in the ticket price during the booking. Low-cost airline luggage is not included in the ticket price, and you can have only a carry-on luggage or pay extra for a luggage when booking or during the online check-in.

Do I really have to pick up my luggage and check it in again every time I change?

Not always. If you have all flights on one ticket and from the same company, your luggage will probably only be transferred from one aircraft to another. However, if you have two separate tickets, you need to pick up your luggage and have it checked in again. The exception are flights to US and layovers in US. You have to always pick up your luggage, go through the immigration and passport control and then put them on the universal luggage belt. The information on which transfers you have to check in your luggage again is listed on your ticket. You can also ask for more information at the check-in desk at the airport.

I want to transport an excessive or special luggage. Can I get into any plane?

If you want to transport surfboards, pets, musical instruments, bicycles, sports equipment or fragile hand-made products, you need to order their transport before departure. It’s too late at the airport. Some companies do not ship them at all, others with restrictions. Please contact our customer support via chat or telephone before booking your ticket.

My luggage was delayed or lost. Am I entitled to compensation?

If the airline loses, damages or delays the luggage, it can provide you with a refund of up to approximately CZK 33,000. However, this is only valid if the airline has not taken all necessary measures to prevent damage or if it has not been possible to do so. You must report damage to your luggage within 7 days. If your luggage is delayed, you need to claim compensation 21 days after its return at the latest. You must file a complaint directly with the airline at the airport.

What I cannot take onboard?

Naturally, dangerous things like compressed gases, inflammable substances, guns, lighters, sharp objects, or sports equipment such as golf clubs, baseball bats, bowling balls, cues, sticks and ski poles. It is not very appropriate to bring your own food because you may encounter the internal rules of airlines or the export and import restrictions of the country you are flying to.

What can I have in hand luggage on board?

You can take medicines (tablets) in a quantity that is adequate for your personal use. However, special medicines, such as inhalers or injections, should be in the original package and with a prescription in English.

Can I take a drink or lotion in hand luggage?

You can take a maximum of 1 liter of liquid per person on board and divided into packages of not more than 100 ml. For example, if you plan to take a shampoo in a 250 ml bottle, even if the shampoo is only in the bottom, it will fail safety checks at the airport and will be confiscated. But after check-in, you can buy a drink at the airport and take it on board.

Do the electronics really disturb navigation systems? Can I have a laptop with me?

Electronics, such as laptops, cameras and mobiles, will not hurt an airplane and can remain in hand luggage. This is no longer the case for wireless mice, bluetooth headphones, laser pointers, and radio transmitters. Restrictions may also apply to lithium-ion batteries that power your electronics. If they have power of more than 100 Wh, they may not be allowed on board.

Can I lock my checked luggage or it will be physically inspected?

Most checked luggage go through check-in without the airport’s employees opening it. However, your luggage can be searched at any time. If you want to lock it, get the lock that the airport security service can open, such as YALE or Travel Sentry. Otherwise, you risk your luggage being returned to you damaged or delayed.


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