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Exploring the Lakes V. - Emerald Lake

In previous articles, we have prepared some interesting tips on where to go on holiday, and especially Lake Wandering offers a unique view of the water, which often hide beautiful landscapes, but also special shades of color, such as Lake Hillier in Australia. Plan your perfect journey to explore lakes from all over the world and experience wildlife, crystal clear water and adventure.

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The Sierra Mountains hide one of the most famous and the deepest American lakes, Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe has an unmistakable charm, often called the “Emerald Lake” due to its emerald green-blue color. The local environment is very beautiful and with clean mountain air creates a great place to regain new energy.

On your lake Tahoe come mainly as lovers of fishing. The beautiful landscape around the lake is illustrated by mountains and coniferous trees.

Lake Tahoe (Nevada) also includes the smaller state park Sand Harbor, whose biggest attraction is its white sands, which in contrast to blue-green water looks very impressive and exceptional. A good time to visit this park is autumn, when the leaves are beginning to change color and nature is much more beautiful. It is definitely worth a walk through the hiking trails, which are many to choose from.

Many sports activities await you on the lake and its surroundings, including water skiing, kayaks, hiking and hot-air ballooning directly above the lake. On the beach you will find a nice place to relax.

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