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Exploring the Lakes IV. - Lake Van

Plan a relaxing round trip around Lake Van in Turkey. The vast water surface is surrounded by mountain ridges and extinct volcano craters. Van Kurd Lake lies on the Armenian Plateau.

Worth attention is the white cat with one blue eye and the other golden eye, which has become a local symbol. You can buy identical statuettes in stalls, etc., but you probably won’t see it live.

Part of the Yaniktar Dersi River flows through a jagged canyon, creating breathtaking waterfalls that are a tourist attraction here. There is a suspension bridge leading to the lookout, do not miss this spectacle!

Outside Erciş, you will have a unique view of the massive volcanic cone Süphan Daği towering at 4,058 meters above sea level. Its peaks are covered with snow dust even in the middle of summer.

Take a night inside the volcanic caldera with its own microclimate, see here three smaller lakes. In one of them springs hot springs.

Drinking water is provided by a large lake, a small lake has been refreshing for decades, and there is no shortage of food here. If you are lucky enough to meet the small inhabitants of the volcano Nemrut Daği, which are yellow-brown turtles.

Let the locals invite you to a cup of delicious, traditional Turkish tea prepared right in the crater of this volcano. The local people are very nice and hospitable, and will certainly tell you other interesting corners of Turkish Lake Van.

Have you already traveled on lakes? Where did you like most? Add Lake Van to your travel itinerary and discover the beautiful nature of this part of the country.

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In the next article we will prepare for you other tips not only for wandering on the lakes, check our section regularly and do not miss the action tickets to the whole world!

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