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Zurich (ZRH)

Europe's largest waterfalls - Rhine Falls

If you head to Lake Constance, go on a bigger trip - the Rhine Falls. The Rhine Waterfalls are located in Switzerland near Schaffhausen and can be reached with a boat that can take you to the spewing waterfalls that are 150 meters long.

You will find a very attractive place for tourists on the trail that starts at the top of the rock at Laufen Castle, which hides a beautiful courtyard. Behind the entrance you will descend down the stairs that lead down to the river, while on the way you will have several views of terraces and balconies, from which you will have amazing views of the waterfalls.

A little further north lies the town of Schaffhausen, where you can feel the atmosphere of the past, from every development and every corner. Each house has its own painted shield.

Benches are also a special local initiative, where individual merchants in the city decorated them according to their imagination, each of which will entice you to have a pleasant stay.

Do not miss the castle and its premises, which will keep your breath. From the tower you will have amazing views of the city. Around the castle you can see ropes that you normally do not see at the castles.

A sweet end to your stay should be a visit to the local cozy café and chocolate bar, where you can sit and enjoy delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Expand your horizons, go beyond the borders to get to know a foreign country and its perfect atmosphere near powerful waterfalls.

Find cheap flights to Switzerland only with us and book your seats on the plane in time! Travel safely by air and in comfort! The surroundings of the Rhine Falls are a great tip to spend this year’s long Easter weekend.

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