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Heraklion (HER)

Enjoy Crete, an island that never sleeps

Crete is the largest Greek island. It has a very rich history surrounded by many myths. You will find a very diverse inland. There are mountains, gorges, caves or beaches, which wash the Cretan and Aegean, from the south Libyan. You will find many sights that you should not miss to visit.

Take a flight to Crete. There are three airports - in Heraklion, Chania and Sitia. Crete has a 1050 km long coastline and a rich history. It is an ideal place for a family holiday. On the north coast you will find sandy beaches, the south coast is more deserted. There is no such access to the sea, there are mountains.

Over half a million people live in Crete. Important cities are Iraklion, Chania, Rethymnon and Agios Nikolaos. Much of the island is uninhabited.

Sights to visit in Crete are the longest gorge in Europe Samaria, the first European code carved in stone Górtys or port in the Venetian style Rethymno. The only palm beach in Crete is Vai. The largest settlement is Lerapetra.

In the region of central Crete is the capital of Heraklion you will find interesting archaeological sites and Messer lowland. In the east of Crete you will find the Lissithi plateau and the sea with the cleanest water. It is also worth visiting the birthplace of the painter El Greco - the town of Fodele.

You can stay in Crete in hotels, apartments or studios or Donatia. Donatia’s rooms are affiliated with Cretan taverns. They are marked A to C or star. However, the assessment of the quality of accommodation does not generally match. It is ideal to order breakfast only. Meals are served in the local tavern. You can try local specialties at low prices. Take a trip with wrapped gyros. Go to Crete from April to October.

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