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Enjoy a dream holiday even during pregnancy

A pregnancy belly does not mean the end of flying abroad for any purpose. If you are pregnant, consult your attending physician if you are planning to travel by air.

You are likely to approve the flight if you are not in the first stages of pregnancy and vice versa in a high stage of pregnancy when the woman is at risk of premature birth.

Every future mother should avoid traveling to destinations where it is necessary to get vaccinated beforehand.

In general, flying is safe for pregnant women, it does not endanger the mother or the fetus, but it can contribute to inducing conditions that can seriously endanger pregnancy. The risks are mainly due to large pressure differences. In early pregnancy bleeding may occur, in higher pregnancy there is a risk of premature outflow of amniotic fluid. Also, the length of the flight can significantly affect the health of the future mother, the risk comes from a long session, where blood clots can form.

Until the 28th week of pregnancy, women can fly practically without any restrictions; Most airlines of the pregnant woman from the 36th m.p. refuses to transport.

However, it is always better to call the airline on time and inquire about the time of your pregnancy and if you need a medical certificate.

The basic and important instructions for traveling by air are above all to observe the drinking regime. Book a seat at the aisle so you can walk on board the plane at least every half an hour, and move your lower limbs while sitting, this is important for blood circulation. For better comfort, choose loose clothing. Elastic stockings are not suitable. Do not underestimate the prevention of vascular wall enhancement prescribed by your doctor.

Make it easier to travel by accompanying a loved one, rather choose a first class seat with all the comforts. Also have contact with the emergency services and your doctor with the international prefix. Consume fresh fruit and juice instead of packaged meals.

Some airlines offer pregnant women a priority check-in, while at Prague Airport pregnant women can wait in the business lounge, check-in and passport formalities will be handled by the airport staff.

If you feel unwell at the airport, you will receive medical assistance.

You definitely don’t have to worry about metal detectors that are not dangerous. X-rays are only used at the airport for baggage control.

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