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Zambezi (BBZ)

Embark on a vacation to Victoria Falls

Going to Victoria Falls for two nights is a huge mistake. Spend a minimum of 4 - 5 nights on your vacation and you will have a rich holiday experience.

Victoria Falls are located on the Zambezi River in Africa and are over 1,800 meters wide and fall to a depth of forty meters. You can try bungee jumping, for example. You can jump from the bridge that connects the banks of the Zambezi River. If you are brave, then falling to a depth of 111 m will come as a total adventure. There is nothing to worry about. Bungee jumping operators are committed to total customer safety. You can also try tandem if you are jumping for the first time. It is recommended to use the morning hours. In the evening waiting queues.

The Victoria Falls area offers not only a glimpse of this breathtaking wonder of the world, but also plenty of active opportunities such as fishing, game watching. Above all, fishing is very attractive here. You can fish above the waterfalls and from the shore, where the river level is very calm. An attractive trophy will be the Tigerfish, which weighs up to 15 kg. The river below the waterfalls is a great attraction for lovers of adrenaline sports. You can go down the wild waters of different difficulty levels, but be sure to go down steep slopes to the bottom of the canyon. You can also go on several daily rafts.

At Victoria Falls you can take a walk with wild lions. You will realize how spectacular and massive the waterfalls are when you fly over them in a helicopter. The shortest flight takes 12 minutes, but it is definitely worth seeing.

Set out on an unexpected adventure to Victoria Falls. Buy and you can go to Africa. The country and its inhabitants will excite you so that you will want to come back here, mainly because of its untouched nature.

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