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Hurghada (HRG)

Egypt - a paradise for divers and snorkelers

Egypt is not only the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, the Sahara, but also the amazing underwater world, which is literally a paradise for divers. Whoever discovers a beautiful underwater world in Egypt will always like to come back here. Therefore, when planning a vacation in this destination, be sure to visit the local diving schools, which will be happy to discover all the beautiful underwater places where you will meet fish of all sizes. And you might also come across Nemo.

Wreck of the cruise ship Susana

This wreck is also sometimes called Excalibur and lies in an upright position on a sandy bottom at a depth of 21 m. It was a 30 m safari ship and the wreck can be thoroughly examined during the dive. It sank after a fire on board near the coast. It is almost dismantled, so it is possible to sail into ships. You can observe mullets, bats, lionfish, groupers and more.

Rich Reef El Fanadir

A long and rich reef not far from the port has a depth of up to 20 meters and it is possible to go here at any hour of the day and even at night dive. You can see the moray eel, gray and yellow-yellow moray, bluebirds, fire lionfish, octopus, scorpionfish and flathead. A flock of Red Sea, one-horned or filamentous surgeonfish swarms around the reef. Beware of them, as they are attacked from behind are equipped with bony plates at the root of the tail, sharp as razor blades.

Turtle bay

Relatively shallow and rugged site, which has a depth of up to 9 m. You can see here large turtles, sea cows (Dugongs), vines, grasshoppers, scorpionfish, stingrays, octopus, sea urchins, starfish crown of thorns and many small colored fish. All this is complemented by extensive coral gardens that are full of life.

Gorgonia Beach

The 1.5-kilometer-long coral wall stretches from the sea to Gorgonia south along the coast to the Shams Alam Resort. Snorkeling is easy here, because you are slowly carried away by the current and when you do not want to return the sea, there is always the possibility to go back aground or a beach. Here you can see sea turtles or Dugonga. However, it is a place of varied marine life.

Pensee Azur / Utopia Beach

3If you would like to spot dolphins, here’s your chance. Of course, happiness must smile at you. This open cove will delight the beautiful coral walls, which are hidden in the warm local shallows. The inhabitants of the sea include moray eels, lionfish, barracuda, turtles and other fish.

Abu Dabbab

In addition to the beautiful bathing, you should not forget snorkeling goggles. The probability of encountering a right or large card is many times higher than elsewhere. Sandy seabed covered with sea grass attracts these sea turtles. These usually occur at greater depths (10 meters or more), where they eat food from the seabed. The best opportunity to observe from close is when they swim to breathe to the surface. In addition to the cards, you will find lionfish, stingrays, vows, spiny spines and other marine animals.

And if you do not like snorkeling or diving, you will surely enjoy a boat trip with a transparent bottom where you can watch undersea life undisturbed from the comfort of the boat.

For terrestrial people who prefer to stay firmly on the ground, we recommend excursions to the pyramids, the Sphinx and Cairo, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, or off-road drive to the desert. In short, Egypt always has something for everyone.

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