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Iguassu Falls (IGU)

Do you love photography? We know where to take the most beautiful shots!

Your photo collection has thousands of images, but you still miss something, tell you what it is and where to find it.

The stunning Iguazu Falls are exactly what you are looking for!

Now is the time to travel to the northern province of Argentina, where you will find yourself in the realm of virgin nature with beautiful scenery.

The northernmost and smallest area of Argentina is Misiones, where most researchers from the field of biology generally go.

If you are one of the lovers of wild nature with rich fauna and flora, then go here too!

The destination is interwoven with hundreds of smaller waterfalls, Iguazú and Moconá waterfalls are an extraordinary spectacle that you and your camera will love.

The first animals that will welcome you will surely be colorful butterflies, from representatives of mammals it could be red-nosed noses, after dark often come also armadillos.

Experience the feeling of beautifully colored parrots flying over your head instead of ravens of ravens, and massive anacondas are resting on the tree. Wherever you look, a strange atmosphere of pure nature breathes in you, from which you will feel the need to protect it.

This magnificent sightseeing holiday is designed especially for true nature lovers, autumn is practically the most suitable time to stay in this province, when the rainy season subsides.

Therefore, book your flight ticket in time, so that you can soon set out to explore the exotic landscape, which is still unduly burdened with tourists, therefore it retains its original population and fauna and flora, be careful here and step on tiptoe!

For this, the weather and natural phenomena will create a completely original image that will fascinate anyone whom you show your most valuable photographs.

Book flights to Argentina at unique prices only with us, book in advance and save! Unconventional holiday exploring in a wonderful destination will show you a whole new worldview!

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