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Fort De France (FDF)

Do you long for exotics without leaving Europe?

Martinique is exactly what you are looking for. The Caribbean Pearl boasts French charm, unspoiled nature and a renowned rum that you can enjoy on the beautiful beach.

Martinique is a French department, which means that it is still in the EU and you can safely pay euro and credit cards. You do not need a visa to stay here, and if you move only within the territory of the island, you only need an ID card. A passport is also required to travel to the surrounding islands.

Martinique climate promises summer weather all year round. On average, the temperature is around 27 ° C, so you can prepare your precious half of Valentine’s Day in exotic.

Stay in one of the luxury hotels and end the evening on this important day with a delicious Creole or French meal at the dinner restaurant.

You can enjoy the underwater world while diving, surfing or enjoying a great private yacht trip. Great conditions for sailing can be found in Pointe de Bout.

The capital of Fort de France will enchant you with a romantic stroll in the local park of La Savane or an interesting tour of the port of St. St. Louis.

A nice trip takes you to the Jardin de Balata botanical garden north of the capital, do not miss to visit up to 2000 plant species.

Why sit on TV at home on Valentine’s Day when you have a luxurious dream stay on Martinique? Choose this destination for this special day, it is a great opportunity to declare the love of your chosen one or to recharge your energy together.

You will not be bored here, book your tickets immediately and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

You can buy tickets cheaply from the comfort of your home!

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