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Do you know the new landmark of Libava?

The third largest, beautiful, Latvian city of Libava lies on the Baltic Sea. At the beginning of November last year, the modern Great Amber Concert Hall was inaugurated here and you will definitely not miss it! The building of the Great Amber is so significant that it immediately became a new landmark of the modern part of Libava. Its monolithic, conical shape, its unusual, slightly twisted structure is encased in a transparent façade of unusual but very interesting amber colors.

The most important architectural feature of the Grand Concert Hall, which can seat up to 1,000 visitors at once, is concrete. Around the main hall there are rooms for the symphony orchestra, there are also rehearsal rooms and instruction rooms of the local music school. Great Amber also has a chamber hall, a ballet studio, even an experimental stage with a foyer, a bar and its music club.

The large concert hall will also be used for congresses, exhibitions and receptions. The section called Civita Nova offers another great 2000 m2 for organizing various events.

This original Great Amber building in Latvia was designed by architect Volker Giencke from Graz, Austria.

Great Amber is definitely worth a visit, so go to Libava and see not only this interesting and beautiful building, but also many other attractions nearby!

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