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Discover the hidden secrets of the Himalayas

At the top of the magnificent Karakoram Mountain, the Himalayas Hímvatí literally passed on with the beauty and fascination of the whole landscape. The fertile valleys, which bloom with thousands of flowers every summer, and mountain peaks in the area protect their tranquility. The high-altitude arid desert region of Ladakh thus acquired the green areas of the village oases scattered in the basins of the Nubra, Zaskar and Indus rivers.

The Indian Himalayan region of Ladakh is often called New Tibet because of the similarity of the breathtaking landscape. Also, a large proportion of Tibetan clergy have moved to the area, so Ladakh has become the spiritual center of the five crucial sects of Tibetan Buddhism, although the Dalai Lama’s exiled headquarters can be found in the neighboring Himachal Pradesh region.

Local monasteries are increasingly becoming the destination of tourists, part of the monastery porch, arcades and galleries are wall frescoes depicting Wheel of Life - Bhavačakra.

The historic and cultural heart of the area is the valley of the Indus, where you will also find several famous monasteries standing on the ridges of the hills.

For over 400 years, the pearl of Alchi Ladakh’s monasteries has been the religious center of a vast area. Exceptional is the façade built of wood and beautiful interior decoration. It is exceptional for its location, standing in the cozy meander of the Indus River, a ring of desert mountains completes a breathtaking romantic background.

The best experience of this holiday can be nothing better than witnessing the morning prayer and meditation that is an authentic part of the monks' life.

Staying here can be definitely interesting in winter, when the individual valleys and roads are unavailable. The only roads in the winter months are frozen rivers, but with great difficulty. Families stay together for long months, sharing legends from generation to generation, and children learn to read and write from their parents, and also builds on ancient traditions.

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