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Rodrigues Is (RRG)

Discover Rodrigues!

A charming yet accessible exoticism lying somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean is waiting for you. Wild nature and sea with romantic beaches and friendly natives who live life as decades ago will captivate you, you will not want to leave this island for nothing in the world! This smallest island of Mascaren (part of the archipelago also includes Mauritius and Reunion) will allow you to forget the dimension of Central Europe.

The small island is very tiny, but thanks to the mountainous inland it gives a much larger impression, plus it includes 200 km of lagoons and 7 km of coral reefs.

Sharp serpentines cut in the wild vegetation of a volcanic island make a unique anabasis from moving from one side of the island to the other.

The ocean here is the main attraction that drives the cycle of island life. In the southeast between Port Sud - Est and Graviere are the most amazing beaches for the locals very popular kitesurfing - surfing with a small parachute.

Take advantage of Kite For Fun Kit School at one of the island’s main hotels. The boys chase the lagoon in the wind all day and will be happy to teach you every trick. There are some of the best kitesurfers in the world.

Take a romantic trip across nine beaches. From Gravier it goes along the coast to the east, northeast and finally north. First comes the bay Anse Femi with definitely the most beautiful beach of the island. Behind Cape Roche Noire comes the wonderful, tiny beach of Anse Bouteille, it is the best place for romance, ask your partner to marry here, she will be excited! Then there are other beautiful beaches.

For a while there is a path on the sand just along the sea, somewhere you will surf in the waves. You will then climb rocky outcrops or walk through loose pine trees. Drop some clothes in some bay and jump into the clear blue water. You can continue further west through Anse Ali, Fournier to Pointe Coton to the next major hotel Coton Bay. But head to the headland of Saint Francois, where one of the most beautiful modern buildings on the island stands - the boutik Hotel Tekoma. It is in an interesting contrast to the traditional very simple architecture of the island.

In addition to kitesurfing, diving is the greatest adrenaline experience of Rodrigues, the best diving spots are Pointe Coton and Pointe Roche Noire in the east and Pointe Palmiste in the west, including boat wrecks.

Or try the 400-meter zipline cable car over the Montagne Malgache Canyon overlooking the sea. A unique and unrivaled experience!

Also sailing or speedboat rides along the giant lagoon to nearby islands with exotic birds is worth it! The highlight of this holiday is the stop at the reservation of Francoise Leguat with elephant turtles, where you can find hundreds, some are really huge. Nearby, you can look into Caverne Patate’s longest accessible cave.

A direct service from Prague to Rodrigues will ensure a comfortable transfer to your exotic holiday. also buy online with us and save a lot of money!

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