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Madeira (FNC)

Veterans in Cuba
Cuba - trip for veterans
Central America and the Caribbean · Cuba
Jul 22, 2019 3 min read
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Discover Paradise in the Atlantic Ocean

Although Madeira is an eternally green, small island, it has abundant mountains, dense forests, wild rocky shores, even excellent wine.

You can go to Madeira throughout the year, the weather does not change much, and even in winter months the temperature does not fluctuate too much. A holiday that will delight every lover of exoticism, unspoiled nature and active recreation, for which we recommend renting a car on the island.

Do you prefer sunbathing on a beautiful natural beach, swimming in the ocean, or pack your luggage in the trunk and discover the natural beauty of Madeira? If you choose the second option, awaits a day’s climb to the highest peak of Madeira Pico Ruivo (1862 m), which can be reached from the peak of Pico Arieiro (1818 m), which can also be reached by car. You can reach Pico Ruivo through the tunnels or through the peak of Pico das Torres (1851 m). A demanding trip for which you will be rewarded with unrepeatable views of the whole island.

Also visit the capital Funchal, the town of Sao Vincente with volcanic caves, green valley with laurel forests Rabacal, or Cascate di Risco.

If you still have the strength, be sure to go through at least one of the many levades. Hiking trails will take you a pleasant walk to the most beautiful places in the mountainous interior of Madeira. Levada to Moinho brings water to the old mill at the church of Lombada above the town of Ponta do Sol, but it is located on the south coast, this levade is stuck directly in the perpendicular wall, at the end you pass directly under the waterfall.

In Funchal, it also lives at night, the city offers many clubs, bars, restaurants where you can spend your free time, during the day you can go shopping at local shops and shops.

Are you attracted by adrenaline and real adventure? Paragliding in Madeira is somewhat exceptional, soar over beautiful nature and the sea.

A very popular tourist attraction is the ride on the historic “Carros de Cesto” wooden sledge on a narrow and steep road from Monte Down to Funchal. Two drivers can release the sled at speeds of up to 50km / h.

The pride of Madeira is a beautiful botanical garden with geometrically patterned flower beds, situated high above the capital you must visit! The variety of flowers, colors and unconventional-looking beds will surely make you look!

On a nice trip, take a boat to Porto Santo, where you can see dolphins or even whales.

While staying in Madeira, try the lesser known anona or pitangas, as well as seafood and conpadrum.

Do not hesitate to choose the destination, choose Madeira! The space at the window is limited, do not miss the beautiful view of the flower island when arriving at the airport. We have for you!

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