Traveling to Cuba has always been a dream destination for many people. The classic cars, colorful houses and cheap rum, who could resist?!

Fortunately, this dream destination is now becoming a reality for travelers, as local tourism has exploded in recent years. Especially now, it is easier for US citizens to visit Cuba legally than ever before. It has always been legal for non-American travelers, but the lack of information and infrastructure has kept Cuba shrouded in mystery.

Thanks to this, ticket prices also became more affordable and significantly cheaper. You can easily get tickets to Cuba for 370GBP, but the standard is around 510 GBP. The cheapest flights are mainly to Havana, but sometimes if you are lucky, you can buy tickets to Varadero or Abel Santa Maria (Santa Clara, SNU) at good prices.

Before you buy tickets


In general, the main season in Cuba is from December to mid-May

Travel insurance

Travel insurance for Cuba is mandatory for all participants

To Havana

Flights to Havana from 370GBP

Mandatory visa

To get a visa you would need a confirmtion of first accomodation at least

The first thing you should do is check out our article on the weather in Cuba and decide at what time you want to travel to suit you best. In general, the main season in Cuba is from December to mid-May. The rainy season starts in June and earlier visitors to Cuba would avoid traveling completely between August and October, when there is also a risk of hurricanes.

You will have to take out travel insurance before you leave. Travel insurance for Cuba is mandatory for all participants, so if you do not buy them in advance, you may be forced to purchase their national insurance upon landing.

You also need to get a visa for which you will need confirmation of at least the first accommodation (if you are planning to move to Cuba), so be sure to go through the accommodation pages.

How much does a ticket to Cuba cost

The price of a ticket to Cuba and other destinations depends on several aspects. During the holidays and vacations, tickets are usually the most expensive. However, the high interest of the traveler pushes the prices down in a competitive fight in the main season and therefore it is good to be flexible and especially to look for departures from more places, not only from London. To find the best ticket price, we recommend using our flexible ticket price search on our site.

Ticket prices to Havana

The graph describes the minimum found prices of tickets to Havana and their development by weeks. Additional data on the graph show average day and night temperatures and total precipitation, if data are available. Click on the individual columns in the graph to get more detailed current data from the search engine.

Price of the cheapest return flight from London to Havana, EUR

Price of the cheapest return flight from Edinburgh to Havana, EUR

When to buy a ticket to Cuba

Ticket prices depend on demand, so it is logical that during the high season, tickets will be the most expensive. However, buying a cheap ticket but also not the most sensible idea during hurricanes. Therefore, you must consider what is best for you. However, we recommend buying tickets several months in advance. To search for the cheapest ticket in your chosen date, the search dog on our website will serve you well, which will search for the best price for you.

Best day for departure to Cuba

In general, if you go on your own, it is better to fly in the middle of the week, because tickets during and around the weekend are more expensive. Therefore, it is best to look for tickets with departures, for example, from Tuesday to Tuesday. We will leave the number of weeks in Cuba to your discretion.

FAQ for buying tickets to Cuba

Looking for answers to your questions? We have prepared the most common ones for you.

When you check in your luggage at the airport, will you pick it up when you arrive in Cuba?

The answer is ambiguous and it depends mainly on the airline you are flying with and where you will have a stopover. Although in most cases you will pick it up after arriving at the destination, we recommend that you ask the staff of the airline when issuing a boarding pass at the airport to avoid confusion.

What to do if I lose my luggage

If you do not find your luggage when you land in Cuba, you must immediately contact the airport staff to write the necessary documents with them. If you leave the airport without writing an event, you may no longer be able to access your luggage. However, if you write an event, the airport staff will contact you in a few days and bring your luggage to the accommodation you specify. Therefore, it is better to stay in one place for a few days on arrival.

What airlines fly to Cuba?

You can only get to Cuba from Prague with a transfer. From other European cities there are direct flights such as Iberia from Madrid, Air France from Paris, KLM from Amsterdam. So you can also use these airlines to depart from Prague with a stopover, or you can use, for example, CSA or other low-cost airlines to the given cities, which can save you money on your ticket.

How long does the flight to Cuba take?

There is no direct flight from Prague to Cuba. The length of the flight therefore depends on the length of the stopover. You can see the distance in kilometers and the net flight time from individual places in the following table.

Overview of connections, distances and flight times to Cuba

Connection Distance in km Flight duration
Prague - Havana853710h 32 min
Vienna - Havana 877410h 49 min
Budapest- Havana 898811h 4 min
Madrid - Havana74749h 17 min
Milan- Havana830410h 16 min
Prague - Varadero846710h 27 min
Vienna - Varadero 870310h 44 min
Budapest-Varadero891710h 59min
Madrid - Varadero73909h 11min
Milan-Varadero822810h 10min

Where to buy tickets to Cuba?

If you decide to buy a ticket to Cuba, you can do so here on our website. If you have any questions regarding the purchase, do not hesitate to write to us in our online chat or to the e-mail address, which you will find at the foot of this page.

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What to do after landing in Cuba

After landing in Cuba, prepare for a long passport control. Do not forget to have all the papers ready, such as a passport, visa, proof of travel insurance, proof of the first accommodation. If you finally pass the passport control, head to the floor above where the departure hall is and exchange the first money there. As there are limited ATMs in Cuba and it is still not possible to pay by card everywhere, we recommend that you always have cash with you.


If you finally pass the passport control, head to the floor above where the departure hall is and exchange the first money there

In front of the airport you will find a full range of free taxis. We recommend that you check the prices on the Internet before departure, how much the price of a taxi from the airport to your accommodation in Havana or another city should cost. If you know how much a taxi costs, then don’t forget to bargain :-) Of course, knowledge of Spanish will help you.

If you land in the afternoon and although you are tired after a long journey, be sure not to go to bed so that you do not happen to wake up in the middle of the night. You better get over it and go to the streets of Havana. To better manage JetLeg, it is ideal to go to bed as you go home - and in Havana it will be sometime in the morning.


If you find a handful of people sitting on the ground playing with mobile phones, this is a good signal that there is a place where you can connect using your phone and purchased card to the Internet.

You should also know that there is still no free wifi in Cuba. In order to connect to the Internet, you will need a card, which you buy for 1 CUC and you will be able to use it repeatedly for 60 minutes. Even so, you will not be able to use the Internet on your mobile anywhere. If you find a handful of people sitting on the ground playing with mobile phones, this is a good signal that there is a place where you can connect using your phone and purchased card to the Internet. So upon arrival, we recommend that you secure a few in stock as soon as possible, because otherwise you may end up on an internet detox.

Why go to Cuba

You’ve probably heard of the beautiful, colorful streets of Cuba, Cuban music everywhere, cheap rum and tasty cigars. If it still wasn’t your dream to go to Cuba, if you decide, you won’t regret it. Those who had the opportunity to try it under Fidel’s strict regime may argue that Cuba is no longer what it used to be, but for us Europeans it will still be an indescribable experience.

The stores are stocked and the shelves are full, but in each store you will find only 3 and almost everywhere the same commodities. You will definitely be surprised to see a full rack of one washing powder or one cooking oil. On the other hand, asking for liter bottles of cheap Havana Club can only please you.

Popular flight combinations to Cuba


To get current ticket prices for the whole country, click on the link to the ticket on flight tickets from London to Cuba or flight tickets from Edinburgh to Cuba.

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