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Havana (HAV)

World Wraps
Famous destinations have their double
Europe · Serbia
Aug 30, 2019 4 min read
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Cuba - trip for veterans

A paradise for all who admire the car gems of the 1960s. Situated in the heart of the American Mediterranean, the cigar-shaped island offers great beaches, Latin rhythms, fine cigars and rums, great food and an unforgettable taste of coffee.


There are few places in the world where you will find more old American cars in such a well-preserved condition. These crashes have been wandering through the streets for several decades, and still some still look as if they are off the assembly line. And even though the spare parts in Cuba were not available. The owners take care of them to this day with love, and you can see them. Vibrant colors and shiny lacquer attract the eye of many passers-by. And the best part is that you can take a ride in one of them, because many of them also serve as a taxi or a means of transport when exploring the city.


Will you need more than 280 beaches with a total length of 5 746 km? Indeed, the Cuban beaches are truly breathtaking and their beauty resembles the beaches of the Caribbean islands. If you prefer a varied underwater life, head south. And if you like lounging on the beach with fine sand and emerald sea, head north. Everyone can find their own piece of paradise for themselves.

Home Private

The best way to get to know the real Cuban life is by staying in the local Casa Particulars, which is similar to the famous AirBnb. The government of Cuba allows the locals to host tourists in their homes and gives you a unique way to learn more about local culture and customs. Especially many accommodation will also offer you to taste family specialties, which they prepare for you with love. So you will know how Cuba tastes.

Excellent weather

It is possible to fly to Cuba at any time of the year. The coldest season is from January to March, where you can expect lower temperatures. Higher humidity in the climate can sometimes make you feel more warm than it actually is. Anyway, the weather in Cuba is for all sun lovers.

Rum of all colors

Being in Cuba and not enjoying the local rum? That would be a great sin. You can find one of the most important export articles all over the country. Taste Mojito, Cuba Libre, Daiquiri or Mary Pickford. These drinks will not disappoint anyone who likes to indulge in rum intoxication. Rum ripens here in oak barrels and they give it an unforgettable taste and smell.

Cuban cigars

Where else would you look for the most famous and most expensive cigars in the world, if not in Cuba. Tobacco is grown throughout the country and is the largest export article. The production itself will certainly attract non-smokers. In Cuba you have many possibilities to look under the lid of cigar production. To date, the best and most expensive cigars are packed by hand here.

National Treasure - Coffee

Nowhere else in the world can you find a coffee plantation that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cuba has one. And this also shows that coffee is truly a national treasure. To taste Colado, a typical Cuban espresso made into a larger cup is a must. It is also a social event and it is an opportunity to talk a little about its production and get more information about the landscape.

Cuba is a landscape that offers countless opportunities to enjoy your holiday to your liking. Flights to Havana can be purchased today at reasonable prices, so if you are thinking about a holiday in Cuba, do not hesitate. Set out to discover beautiful beaches, great food, or the rhythm of Cuban salsa.