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Cold and jagged south of Africa

From: #flymeto   |   Jun 27, 2019

Sounds like a stupid thing, but it can really be a decent winter in South Africa. It is not far from Antarctica, and when summer is here, the Cape Town area is in full swing. So why change sunbathing at Machac to ten local degrees? The main reason is full of teeth and grows up to six meters.

Guess right, the talk is about great white sharks. The inconspicuous seaside town of Gaansbai in South Africa could be proud of the subtitle “World Shark Metropolis”. Dyer Island, a rocky isle not far from the coast, houses a sea lion colony that attracts large whites like the roast duck of Pohlereich. There are several companies that allow you to look behind the bars into the jagged faces of these misunderstood creatures.

Why misunderstood? Because despite what most people think, sharks are not food. Cows kill more people every year than sharks every year. You will see for yourself - sharks are curious, circling around the cage and looking into people’s eyes, but attracted by a mixture of fish residues and viscera, which they will feel in the water for miles.

The trip to sharks looks like the ship anchored for several hours on the high seas and the crew of the fishes attracts to the already mentioned delicacy. Do not forget to eat well before sailing and if you feel sick at sea, try either ginger beer or ginger itself. Or the beer itself, it works pretty well for me. If you have a crisis, look at the horizon if possible, it helps. Do not close in the toilet, you will be even worse and you will assign work to the crew.

By the way - sharks are not the only thing that Gaansbai has to offer. In the winter season, southern whales arrive here from the cold Antarctic waters, which mate along the African coast and bring the young. For whale cruises, I can recommend with a calm heart Marine Dynamics . Its owner Wilfred Chivell returns part of his income to nature, for example, by running a rehabilitation center for endangered South African penguins. Another good choice is Ivanhoe Sea Safaris , whose owner Jason is just the right guy.

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