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Boston (BOS)

City of Culture and Sports, Harvard, Quincy Market - guessed? Up to Boston!

City of Culture and Sports, Harvard, Quincy Market - guessed? Up to Boston!

Now you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of cheap air tickets and see the famous Harvard University live.

Explore the beautiful city of Massachusetts, where ancient history blends with modern style to explore skyscrapers with historic churches.

Take advantage of the “red trails” paved in the sidewalk, ie Freedom Trail and thus leave no historical monument. One of them is Boston Common, the oldest local park from the 17th century.

At the top of Beacon Hill is the seat of government, Park Street Church (Evangelical Church) also worth seeing.

Eat and buy souvenirs at the popular Quincy Market, then explore the Holocaust Memorial nearby.

Be sure to take public transport in the form of a subway and underground tram that runs on the surface outside the center.

In your free time, visit the Museum of Science, a planetarium with a giant projection, the Museum of Fine Arts with an exhibition of antiquity to the 20th century.

Boston is beautiful in winter and summer, there are plenty of places to relax, and ducks can be enjoyed in some of the parks, such as the Boston Pubric Garden.

Some streets with their architecture of buildings and houses will remind our country, you will feel at home here.

You can end your pleasant day at the New England Aquarium, where you can see aquatic animals, penguins and sea lions. On 4 floors you will discover the sea world, corals, simply everything the sea has to offer.

The most adventurous trip and experience of your vacation in Boston will certainly be the possibility of a boat trip to watch whales in the ocean, organized by the New England Aquarium.

If you would like to get to know Boston’s nightlife, head to the central nightlife spot, which is definitely Lansdowne Street, which offers a whole block of nightclubs.

Take your family to one of New England’s most beautiful cities in the northeastern United States.

Book your wallet with cheaper tickets, book them as soon as possible! Cheaper tickets, more holiday experiences!

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