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Edinburgh (EDI)

Cities in Scotland that you should not forget to visit

Glasgow is a center of industry and art. Theaters and galleries rank among the world leaders. You will find world-famous sculptors and designers such as Charles R. Mackintosh. Its unique style can be found in the manuscript of many buildings. Worth visiting is a progressive music scene with a number of famous bands. Glasgow’s nightlife is absolutely unbeatable. There is a modern art gallery, a futuristic building with a science center, and St. Mungo’s Museum.

Edinburgh, capital city

The most beautiful city is Edinburgh not only in Scotland but also in the world. It is a great center of education and culture. It is surrounded by the Gulf of Firth of Forth from the north and east. The dominant building is Castle Rock. You can reach it through the intricate streets of the Old Town, from which the dark Middle Ages breathes. The main tourist artery is Royal Mile, which will lead you to the Royal Residence, the Scottish Parliament and the Arthur’s Seat, which is extinct.

From Edinburgh, there is the Union Canal, which connects to the Forth and Clyde Canal near Falkirk, which will take you all the way to Glasgow. The Stirling is also worth a visit in the Scottish Lowlands, where you will find the castle, William Wallace’s national hero monument and BannockBurn battlefield. You can visit golf courses in St. Andrews, where you can also visit the cathedral ruins or the beach.

Important cities are Perth and Aborath. The traditional village for the coronation of kings is the nearby village of Scone. Go shopping in Edinburgh or Dundee.

Glasgow can be reached by air from Prague in 4 hours. to buy cheaply. Take a trip and discover the sights left by our ancestors or enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and the endless long binge.

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